You might be a shimmy down the page and check out the price kinda person SO let’s check that out at the top.  I wanna help you across September & October for just £30.  I know, I know 🙄a ridiculous bargain BUT I promise you that that doesn’t mean that it’s not massively impactful and full of value!  This is an introductory/beta test price.

Imagine a world where all the things you know, all the ideas you’ve had and all the progress you’d like to make had been implemented in your business.  If you just executed all that you already have the progress you & your business would make would literally blow your mind.

We talking progress NOT productivity!

Can You Imagine The Progress You’d Make If You Implemented Everything You Already Know?!

Just imagine how it would feel if you were super clear on the next step to take.  Imagine the impact it would make on your bank balance if you implemented that idea or did that thing (I’ve supported gorgeous Rockstars to make an extra £1k per month by just making one idea happen/an extra £10k in annual turnover ~ I know, right?!?).

Let’s take a moment to just see our to do list, not as a source of stress & overwhelm BUT something you are in control of and something that WILL be actioned ~ the potential and possibility and progress is all there.

I will show you how to take what you’ve already got, what you already know, what’s already inside you and make it into an adventure, a map to your destination. I will give you my OWN formulas for making shit happen (and I make A LOT of stuff happen every single day) and show you how to implement it into your business.

No more excuses, overwhelm, distraction, fear, guilt at another course purchase you won’t use.

Potent progress is like a defrag for all the "stuff" I've got clogging up my brain. I've been paralysed in an action sense by the amount of unfinished courses/books/ideas I have had lurking (some for years) and to actually get it all down on paper, make an action plan and focus on what is important and what can be weeded out has made a massive impact on my clarity and focus so far. Loving the group Emma 😍 thank you

Lou Mashford

Lou Mashford


Here’s The Thing…

❌ You’ve bought courses (I don’t care whether they are my courses or someone else’s courses) and they are sitting there gathering dust ~ it makes you feel BAD that you made that investment and then never did anything with it.  You own the course, you didn’t give it any time and it’s not changed a thing.  Not doing it has meant you haven’t been able to implement it AND it’s also meant that you are unable to invest in other stuff in your business.

✔️ Let’s get the learning you already have access to DONE ✅and ACTION TAKEN ✅


❌ You have reams and reams of notes & ideas.  Sometimes you head even feels like it will explode.  If only you actually did that shit you thought about.

✔️ Let’s work with the ACTION & NESTING principles that make I’ve developed in my business to ensure that I keep moving forwards


❌ You’re overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start

✔️ It’s time to design your own bespoke action plan which focuses on taking the action that will lead to results and not just the latest one thang or constantly fire fighting


Content Ideas❌ You get caught up in shit that actually isn’t important

✔️ It’s time to prioritise the action steps that will lead to growth.


❌ You question whether you’re just LAZY yet you feel like you’re always DOING

✔️ You’re NOT lazy, it’s all about taking the right action for growth


❌ You’ve stagnated and you’re frustrated

✔️ Let’s kick that one out of the park and show you how quickly you can turn that around.


Potent Progress is helping me get super focused on the jobs in my business which really matter as far as growth is concerned. It's so easy to get distracted but by tackling the stuff with is holding me back I've made more progress in a few days than I did all last month!.

Sarah Cornforth

Sarah Cornforth

Magickal Creatrix website



Getting super clear on what you need to be doing, in what order and refining the action plan that you need to implement in order to make it happen.


Right now, you need to knuckle down and get your eyes on your own business, stop seeking everything from the outside and look within as to what needs to be done.


Making time to get this shit done.  I get that you’re busy and feel like you are putting your all into every day ~ let’s get clever with your time and let’s priority the action that will lead to results.


It’s time to shift your mindset, remove the overwhelm, forgive yourself for your current position and make the changes you need to make in order to step directly into progress right now.


Big ideas and big plans can become hugely overwhelming.  The thought of going from where you are right now into where you want to be may feel impossible ~ let’s break it down and make it happen.


Yeah, I get that it’s easier not to BUT that’s when you feel that massive disappointment for your lack of progress.  I’m not going to ask you to hustle BUT I am going to ask you to take action.


What you don’t need; 

Get Content Seen, Launch❌ Another programme

❌To learn more shit

❌ To watch more webinars

❌ To follow more people

❌ To get more conflicting information

I’m all for development, personal & professional.  I’m all for learning new things and I’m all for the next step and the next stage BUT I’m passionate about you implementing what you already know and getting unstuck!

Is This A Productivity Course In Disguise? 

NO! It’s not.  It’s all about progress and not productivity.

It’s about implementation.

It’s about getting out of your own way and moving beyond the overwhelm.

It’s about action!

Getting out of my own way feels epic! Everything is blossoming around me. Potent Progress is just what I’ve needed. I’m feeling quite emotional as to how much things have changed already in just a few days. Thank you

Judy McKillop

Judy McKillop


What Am I Offering You?

✔️ My personal experience, guidance and formulas to implementing the stuff in your business that creates success

✔️ Access to me & a community of entrepreneurs who are committed to getting stuff done

✔️ Accountability ~ not just some marketing bollock buzz word BUT having real life accountability makes shit happen.  We will be supporting you within the group, I will be giving you self accountability tools and we WILL be making progress happen.

✔️ Help & Support with prioritising tasks

✔️ Learn how to get beyond the overwhelm

✔️ An excuses amnesty and ditching those for good

✔️ Support each and every week in September & October to make a huge impact in your business

✔️ Guidance on how to prioritise and execute the tasks that will improve your bottom line

✔️ tips to massively bolster your mindset

✔️ my own formulas to get stuff done (including prioritising, planning, journalling, recycling content, making life easier in your business and so much more).

Right now we are in BETA mode ~ I want to be reactive to what YOU need in the group and how we deliver it.  Initially we won’t have a members area for you to log into (because that’s just adding to the noise), we will be in touch via emails and our Facebook Group will have regular threads, help, support, lives and advice.

I want you to succeed.

I want this to be accessible.

I want to help you quell the noise, overwhelm and inaction.

I want you to shine.

As an introductory, BETA test offer, you can get all of this for just £30.


"I joined Potent Progress in the last week. At first I put it off because I was so busy (We are already on school holidays in Ireland) and I wasn't getting enough done as it was and then I put it off some more because I didn't feel I needed another programme. But something kept niggling at me that I should be part of it. It was a steal anyway so I joined this week. In the short few days I've been there I have already made so much progress. I have a to do list that is actually getting done, I feel a weight has been lifted and I've heaps of clarity about things I've wanted to achieve in business. It has also helped me to carve out time for myself to do some learning that I've put off since last August. If your sat on the fence like me because you don't want another programme well let me assure you it's NOT a programme at all, it's accountability, it's action steps, it's clarity and it's just bloody fantastic and if you don't have time like me, well then you need this all the more because it really is the bees knees and now I have more time then when I started just a few days ago. Thank you Emma for yet again another game changer ❤"

Trudie Core

Trudie Core


Potent Progress is encouraging me to break things down into achievable goals. It's all about clarity, prioritising & focusing to get the ruddy thing finished!

Tara Buckel

Tara Buckel


Potent Progress has made huge progress within a couple of days and am changing my business habits for the better. It's awesome!

Mo Jo Prowse

Mo Jo Prowse