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Get Different Outcomes In 2022

Get Different Outcomes In 2022

 Whether 2021 has been a bobby dazzler for you OR not so much so OR a bit of a mixed bag then it might be that you are turning your sights right now to 2o22.  AND it might be that it's crossed your mind that you wanna get some different results from the work that...


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My colleague and I have been working with Emma on the 3 month mentoring program for just 4 weeks and the difference she has created for us is off the scale awesome.

We were looking for someone to help us clarify the next stage of our business development. We wanted to have a clear long term view with a short term plan to increase our market exposure and revenue. I wasn’t a 100% sure at first as we had worked with a couple of coaches before and felt the pressure to get this right. Emma seemed to tick the knowledge and personality boxes and so went with my gut and oh boy am I incredibly thankful I did.

The first session was like a breath of fresh air as Emma seemed to get me and the business immediately. It was like she could read what was inside my head and heart.

There was preparation and marketing plans and lots of following action. Nothing overwhelming as she paces us step by step. At the moment we speak weekly but she is always on hand to answer any questions and gets back to us in hours if not immediately. We share an easy to use on line planner so everything is recorded and translated into who needs to do what that week.

I feel as if we have another person working for us, she is passionate about what we are doing, is so energised and immensely knowledgable when it comes to her craft. I trust her 100% and know she is the absolutely the right person to help guide and mentor into our next phase.

When I first talked to Emma I asked what other clients would say about her and she said ‘I take the beating heart of the business, nurture it and make it beat louder. No matter how much you grow I will always remember the beating heart.’ I hope Emma will continue to beat with us for a very very long time.

Jill Wooton


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