Not matter whether you already have a podcast or you’re thinking of adding it to the mix in your content matrix then one thing that comes up time and time again is “but what if I run out of ideas.”  I’m here to tell you that that’s absolutely not a thing and with this handy ideas guide you can keep popping out fresh content episode after episode. 

So let’s have a run down of some ideas to get the juices flowing; 

  1. Use the content you already have.  You could read through your blogs or social media posts and turn those bad boys into podcasts in their own right. 
  2. Rip the audio out of videos you have created (as long as you’re not talking through anything visual on screen) and then you have a podcast episode. 
  3. Interviews – there’s nothing like chatting with someone else to make the time flow with ease and to unpick and uncover some topics you may not have even been expecting 
  4. Split your podcast down into sections – you could have a regular “top tips” section or a “do one thing” section – this means you can use a number of snippet pieces to make up one episode. 
  5. Dedicate one episode or perhaps even a whole season to a specific topic on your podcast.  You can then dive into something with specificity within your business. 
  6. Simply record your musings and thought paths on a specific progress/project so that people can see it working through and how you’ve thought about each element of it. 
  7. Record some snippets behind the scenes to give your listeners a view in what goes on in your working day. 
  8. Talk through a case study that’s relevant to your business 
  9. Top tips from the peers of those who listen into your podcast.  Get your clients involved and ask them to record a snippet that includes their top tip that you can bring together. 
  10. Seasonal episodes – that will mean different things for different businesses and how you can tie in the episodes to the seasons. 
  11. To promote your freebie or paid for offerings and talk people through why they’d love to have that thing in their world. 
  12. Perhaps there’s someone that your crowd would look up or someone they’d find super interesting.  Ask that person for an interview, the worst that can happen is they say no and then you are in exactly the same place as before you asked.  My mantra on this one “shy bairns get nowt” < if you don’t ask the answer is always no! 
  13. Narrate something you do regularly in your business 
  14. Narrate something that you think your crowd might want to implement in their world. 
  15. Motivate and inspire your audience with success stories or a kick up the bum. 
  16. Follow the progress of something/someone and record it as you go to have snippets of things as they progress 
  17. A podcast about x things you wish you’d known 
  18. A podcast about x things you wish people would get to grips with (i.e. the most common mistakes you see your audience make or the untruths in your industry). 
  19. Which leads me to the biggest BS, as you see it, in your industry 
  20. A podcast themed for the time of day/week – the morning files could air on a morning or a certain morning of the week, Monday’s injection of magic, hump day musings, TFI Friday kinda feel. 
  21. The x things you’ve done this week or month that they need to know about 
  22. Podcasts recommending stuff you use all the time that your crowd would be interested in. 
  23. Interview someone in your team about what it’s like to work with you. 
  24. Interview someone in your family about what you’re really like! 
  25. Rounding up podcasts – rounding up the content you’ve shared elsewhere in the last week.  Missed my FB live, don’t sweat, here’s a synopsis. Missed my blog? Fear not, I’ll run you through it.  All those FB or Insta posts that the algorithm didn’t let you see – no worries they are all here. 
  26. Run down of the biggest mistakes and remedies you see people making that your client can learn from. 
  27. Short episodes – just minutes long to get a point across 
  28. Longer script episodes for if your clients have more time. 
  29. Podcasts about your fav podcasts (and if you can interview their hosts even better) ~ same can apply for blogs or books etc 
  30. Pop a question out on your other social media platforms and discuss the answers that come in. 
  31. Interview lots of people with snippets about their guilty pleasures (I have none, I feel no guilt for my pleasures whatsoever 😂). 
  32. Listicles – I love them for blogs and I also love them for podcasts – the top 10 things about a certain subject 
  33. Review an event or do a synopsis of something that’s happened
  34. Give advice 

Ok – so with all content we are looking at a number of things; 


An Introduction To You & The Way You Work 

Share with your audience what your business is all about, why you’re passionate about it, what you love about what you do, what your mission is and your core message. 

Let them get a feel for who you actually are (both in the capacity of the owner of your business and away from your business). 

Which leads to….


Know, Like & Trust 

You showing up regularly, being consistent in your messaging and your style gives people a feeling of connection with you.  Make sure you’re letting the human you shine through in your videos too to allow that sense of them knowing who you are. 



Yes, a podcast can enhance your credibility BUT you sharing your advice, hints and tips will supercharge that as they will see that value, depth of knowledge you bring and your approach within the episodes 


Driving Traffic 

Your podcast has a purpose & business objective.  Don’t be afraid to have calls to action within the audio of your podcast as well as within the show notes. 


Social Proof 

You can use your podcast to include social proof – whether that’s testimonials for clients, interviews with clients or sharing case studies it’s a great way to enhance that credibility even more whilst simultaneously inspiring your crowd to take action 


Staying Top Of Mind 

A regular episode on the podcast can mean that you’re chatting with your audience on a regular basis and therefore you’re staying top of mind and cementing/enhancing the relationship you have with them further.  Make sure you have a call to action for your crowd to subscribe to your podcast on their favourite platform so that they don’t miss out on notifications.  


Content Ideas Supercharged 

Content Feel Like A Constant Struggle?

If you labour over what to write about or what to talk about in your business and have intermittent or regular content blocks then this freebie is for you.  It’s talking you through 10 ways that will mean that you can come up with LITERALLY HUNDREDS of content ideas in a whiff whaff. 


You don’t have to make it complicated.  In fact it can be super simple and step by step.  

Lots of people will tell you that you need a fancy dan Mastermind to get your podcast out there – you really don’t! 

My Perfectly Podcasting course will take you step by step to getting your podcast out there with ease. 

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