Dear Rockstar,

I have a feeling that you are sometimes doing this.

You are wasting opportunities.

I know you don’t mean it, I know that it just kinda happens.
A lot of the time it’s about selling. You just can’t get it quite right, you panic and you vomit some information out there just to fill the void. It’s better to post something than nothing, right?
Perhaps you are simply being a little too polite with your marketing and perhaps you are simply waiting for your sales page to do all of the work for you and aren’t paying any attention to the means in which you are seeking to drive the traffic there.
It’s your DUTY to help the people that you are here to help. It’s up to you to show them the awesomeness that they could get there hands on which is just a click away. Whether it’s products, programmes, services etc you need to be telling the world about them. People can’t buy from you if they know nothing about what you.

So lets take a look….

** Being To Polite**

I also look at it as stealth marketing. This is where you are alluding something you have for sale but you are simply not telling anyone about it. You are looking to raise curiosity but then you fail to follow through. You are giving them a bit and leaving them questioning what it’s all about.
Your crowd can’t read your mind.
Your crowd need you to tell them about the products and services you offer and allow them to make a decision as to whether it’s a good fit for them or not.
Stop leaving them question “well what’s that all about.” People are busy, people want to make decisions as to whether they are prepared to invest more time in taking the click or reading the sales page.

**Vomiting Links**

Just popping links into your social media marketing and saying that you have something available to buy is as waste of your marketing bandwidth.
You’re not telling people anything.
You having something for sale isn’t necessarily going to get them to take the time to make the click.
You need to give them a little bit more.
I would LOVE it if you used your marketing opportunities to there optimum. Don’t waste them and leave people thinking “well, what’s in it for me??”

So, what do you need to do?

✔️ work out who your products and programmes are for and use that in your marketing
✔️ tell them what’s in it for them
✔️entice them with a little more information.
Hiding your selling in polite, stealth ways won’t allow you to help the people you are here to help and simply vomiting links is also going to leave you without reaching as many people as you could.
💡 Take those opportunities.
💡 Take your time to get the marketing behind them right.
💡 Shine your beacon bright so that the people who you are here to serve can be captivated by you and want to find out more.
Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more but either way you need to let people know what’s in it for them.
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