The muse sometimes bites me at the most inopportune times, or so it seems.  I sit in the waiting room and I’m scrolling mindlessly through Instagram.  It’s a great place for that (lovely escapism but don’t get caught out when you’re meant to be working).

I see a quote that stops me.

“People Don’t Buy Your Product They Buy Your Marketing.” 

That feels cold. 

It feels heartless.

It feels like it’s a little bit of an icky selling bombshell.

But does it need to be? 

Is it the truth? 

It’s kinda a half truth! If you’re not marketing then people can’t buy from you.  If you’re not shining your light then there’s no sales gonna be coming your way.  If you continue to hide then you’re not going to get the results that you crave BUT does it need to be all about the marketing and what does that mean anyway?  The quote makes it sounds salesy and icky.  I have been looking at lots of selling tactics and false scarcity and urgency that people have employed recently and it’s made me cringe a little.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve employed and used these tactics in the past but somehow it feels a little empty and fruitless right now.  It seems to be without lots of the ingredients that I seek to bring forth.  Salesy and icky makes most heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs gag.  It makes them squirm on their chairs and wonder if they will ever make a success of their business if they simply can’t implement these tactics.

I jump over to Facebook and see someone else promoting a testimonial about how this particular person had used every trick in the book like pro.  Is that what it takes?

What Is Marketing? 

I know what I think it is but I decided to do a quick Google search. Jeez there’s some dry ass descriptions out there!

So we’ll just go with my thoughts otherwise I fear turning you off the act of marketing all together.

It’s about shining your light.  Everything you do, say, have publicly in relation to your business is marketing.  Every video you record, every time you post on Social Media, every picture that you take.  You are marketing, the imagery is marketing, your brand is marketing, your blogs are marketing, your website is marketing, your whole business persona is marketing.

It’s not about “selling” all of the time.

It’s not about looking for some unwitting soul to buy your products whilst you celebrate another heartless sale.

It’s about much more than that isn’t it?

What Do People Buy? 

I suppose they do buy your marketing! They buy into your message and they buy into the offering that you present to them.  Without communication there is no sale and that communication (in whichever guise) is marketing.

So Is That It? Get Better At The Marketing & Don’t Worry About The Other Stuff? 

Not in my view!

If you simply get better at the marketing then yup you’ll get more sales.  You will be able to pop your message in front of more people and persuade them to part with their cash BUT I don’t think that’s your real mission is it?

Your mission is to build a sustainable business, filled with happy customers and repeat purchasers.  It’s to not only attract the transaction but it’s to truly be of value, service and benefit to those who are parting with their cash.

So How Do We Make That Difference? 

Yes, you need to master the marketing.  You need to be prepared to show up and shine your light with consistency.  This stuff ain’t gonna happen overnight, this is the stuff that takes your long term commitment.  You gotta get into a long term relationship with the marketing beast and not simply a “friends with benefits” kinda ordeal.  You need to be there, supporting one another day after day.  You need to be prepared to be a little bit different and not simply regurgitate the same sh!t as everyone else.  You need to know what you stand for and what your mission is & go after that in a fairly blinkered fashion.  You don’t care what people think of your love, you’ve chosen that long term relationship and you will stick together, no matter what.  Think about your marketing as everything you do within your business, not simply the selling activities.  Think of creating, nurturing and embracing relationships with your fans.  These dudes & dudettes are important to you, they are the life of your business but more than that these are the people who you are here to serve.  Look after them and look after them good.  This kinda takes me on to my next point…..

So, even if your marketing is the dogs do-das and you can sell snow to eskimos then this is going to short lived if you aren’t delivering on the other side.  Unhappy customers. customers who aren’t getting what they thought they would and customers who feel like the promise hasn’t been met ARE NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS from a financial perspective but also from your perspective.  You’re not in it for the quick buck, for the flashy lifestyle (that stuff’s nice but it ain’t what drives you day after day).

Yes you’re a business.

Yes you are here to make money.

Yes, you wanna shine you light bright out there and attract more people into your world

BUT it’s not just about the marketing. 

There needs to be substance in there too.

Some people are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G at encouraging people to part with their cash and to pop high price tickets on stuff that they persuade you that you want & need but then don’t deliver.

Some people just ain’t got the marketing thing going on but have a product that could change the world of gazillions of people.

What do you want? To be the positive cross-bred – you wanna be able to shine your light like a superstar, be able to show people the way and light the path, to be able to convey the message about the difference you can make, allow them to know (and I mean really know) that you give a sh!t and don’t just view them as a walking purse, you want them to self select and want to work with you (without ramming it down their necks, calling them out, injecting icky selling tactics) AND THEN YOU NEED DELIVER!

Want a little more help…..

Let me introduce you to…

The Sales Groove 

This 90 Minute Masterclass & workbook is going to micro-focus on getting your sales rolling.  We are going to be looking at what selling is all about, how to craft your sales message and how you get that message out there to the masses.

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