We have a wee article today that supports this week’s podcast episode which is all about passive income BUT it’s really all about creating a path for more clients to purchase from you.  We are focusing in on the path to purchase and how, with a little work now, you can set up a little sales team of tech wonderfulness that looks after your crowd, allows them to get to know you more, showcases your expertise and increases conversion – what is not to love about that!! 

Anyhaps, first things first, here’s the episode….

Start With The End In Mind 

Start at the end!! 

What’s for sale? What is the solution to the problems you’re crowd are experiencing.  In the podcast I share with you a wee one-liner that can help transform your sales page from doing ok to really speaking to your crowd and therefore converting more people! 

You can also get your hands on…

Suss Your Sales Pages Cheatsheet

This wee cheatsheet is available over inside the Rockstar Vault, a place rammed with free resources to help make running your business a tonne easier…

Then Skip A Step 

Our next focus is one step back.  We are going to think about what your crowd need to know or have access to in readiness for their journey towards your product. 

We want to be able to move them away from passively watching your stuff to experiencing you, getting to know you better and forming the readiness to purchase from you.  

We want to get them on your mailing list.  

It might be that you already have something in your notebooks, on your hard-drive or floating about in the cloud that would fit the bill or you might need to look for some new ideas.   

Here’s an aritcle I wrote which gives you a whole stack of ideas about the types of freebies you can add to your list building mix…. 

Just remember here that we are thinking about specificity. 

A specific freebie for the people who would be perfect for the product you’re selling! 

Create The Path 

THEN it’s time to look at that nurture sequence.  A sequence of emails that will allow people to get to know you better, experience your expertise and get them ready to purchase your product. 

Ask yourself “what do they need to hear from me before they buy?” 

Make sure that you have a good content mix in there.  We are thinking about: 

➡️  showcasing your expertise and awesome through education/teaching/showcasing 

➡️  sharing stories to make it more applicable to them. We have to resonate to remember! 

➡️   Social proof (a testimonial or a case study) 

➡️  Engagement – asking them to get involved and take action, it might be to go and read a blog, it might be to hit reply to the email and have a more intimate convo with you. 

➡️  Behind the scenes/letting them get to know you – let them feel that they have a sense of you, the person behind the busines

➡️   Conversion – elements that are designed to showcase exactly how your product is the answer to their problems. 

I work with clients to make sure we nail and optimise this as their path to purchase! 



Creating The Traffic To The Funnel 

Lastly we are thinking about a cracking way to make sure we are going to get eyes on our epic new path to purcahse.  No point it being created to sit there with no-one seeing it now is there?!? 

Firstly you can re-engage your existing audience with your free resource, whether it be old or new 0 you can send it out to your mailing list, share it on social media and make a nice little kaffule over it! 

You can then think about a very slick way to be able to make sure you continue to market the product and freebie with ease.  I teach a cheeky little way that involves 3 images and 3 pieces of text 😉

Then we need to think about lead in content – we are thinking blog content and content made for the search engines, providing organic traffic to the eyes on the prize. 

Finally you can look at ways to get new traffic around you, perhasp through advertising AND THIS IS THE ONLY PIECE OF THE WHOLE PROCESS THAT POTENTIALLY COSTS YOU MONEY!

If you struggle with the whole content thang then you can get your hands on this wee belter…

Fast Track Your Content Creation

A free ebook with 10 ways that ensures that you have more than enough content ideas and never stuffer with writers block…


Ready to take this by the scruff of the neck in your business? 

If you know it’ll get left at the bottom of the pile or that you’ll procrastinate about it being perfect or you wanna kick up the bum or help with content creation and optimising your copy then I have limited availability to work with me for a month to nail every aspect of your funnel. 

What do you get? 

Access To A Pre-Recorded Programme

Access to my Sales Funnel Success Course that will take you through every step of creating your funnel so that you can work through it as we create and you can also re-use it over and over again for existing or new products you have in your business.  

Direct Access With Me For A Month

I’m a huge advocate of one size doesn’t fit all in business and your funnel needs to match you, your business and your audience perfectly.  I will work through your copy with you, optimising your sales page, email sequence and helping you to get all the content ideas in the bag that you need to be able to get eyes on your awesome.  

Me + You = Making More Customers

Let’s do it together. 

Let’s get you helping & supporting more people and making more money! 

What’s not to love about that! 

It’s currently just £97, I’m not hiding the price 😉

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