I have had a conversation with a gorgeous Rockstar this morning who was telling me all about how long it actually took her to write a blog post and get it out there.  We are talking days and days and days ~ not to mention the vast mass of blog ideas that she had sat in her online ideas capture tools (and I didn’t even dare ask how many additional ones were sat in her Journal).

Perfectionism and overthinking are two things which are a real struggle for lots of entrepreneurs when it comes to putting their work out there into the world.

I asked what took the time.

She told me that she had to write the post and then check it, she had to make sure she hadn’t missed anything, she had to send it through a grammar checker, despite the fact she knew that she hadn’t copied it she then set it through a plagiarism piece of software and would change any sentences which were the same as any other piece of writing out there on the internet (I know, I know) and then she would procrastinate over an image and then spend the rest of her life on the SEO.  Oh I forgot to mention the whole thinking of a title thing too.

Then press publish.

Then feel that she might be criticised.

It’s exhausting even writing it here.

BUT, I get it.  After I’d spoken with her I shimmied to the kettle and made a brew.  Whilst the kettle was boiling I read an article that happened to be in my newsfeed which talked about how you needed to have a huge structure around tasks that you procrastinated over. My view, if you then don’t follow the structure you have lead yourself to more procrastination and you’ve just inserted a shit load of rules into your life that you didn’t need.  Rules crush creativity.

So, what can you really do to get over this tying overwhelm of getting your work out there?

It Help No-One Until You Press Publish

You wanna help your audience, right?!? Well, while that blog is sat there unpublished it ain’t helping a single soul.  Done is so often better than perfect.  Remember that perfect is very subjective and your standards for yourself will be much higher than those you have for other people.  Let your work see the light of day, not for your sake but for the sake of those it’s there to help.

But Doesn’t Everyone Already Know That Stuff?

If you have written a post and you doubt whether it’ll have a huge impact and your self talk fairy is butting in to say that everyone knows this anyway then you can tell her that she’s wrong.  We all have very different skill sets and view points on subjects.  Sometimes you read something that is exactly what you need to hear at that time, sometimes you read something that gives you a different view on a particular subject and sometimes it’s a timely reminder.  Every blog post you write WON’T be for everyone but will help SOMEONE!


Sometimes you can get lost in the search for a “fancy dan” title for your blog ~ there are times when you should just go with an “exactly what it does on the tin” approach to it.  Don’t leave your audience confused as to whether or not they need to read that particular post.  Write down a shortlist of 5 and then choose the one based on where your eye is drawn, trust your gut on it.


As the kids like to call it now, spelling ~ punctuation ~ and grammar.  I don’t write in a grammatically correct fashion and that’s because I write exactly as I speak.  If we were to sit down and chat it would be in the same way as you read my words.  That’s totally ok with me.  I get that for some people there writing needs a greater degree of grammatical correctness.  You can pop your words through a grammar check in grammarly if it’s something you need to be arsed about in your business.


You could get caught in the quest for a perfect image for forever and day.  It’s about setting yourself a period of time to get that image on there.  Get used to making decisions.  Say ~ I’ll spend 10 minutes on this and not a moment longer ~ get it done and get it attached to your blog, set the timer and go.


You can get caught up in this one too.  Don’t let it stop you getting it out there.  Remember, you can always go back and add to it later.


Get Content Seen

✔️Everything that ever hit the public eyes ~ films, books, blogs, articles could have been edited another time

✔️You can go back and tweak

✔️Your own perfectionism shouldn’t stand in the way of you serving your crowd

✔️Done is good, perfect doesn’t exist

✔️Write yourself a little ritual for it ~ what steps will you do and how can you get those actioned in the least amount of time with the least amount of procrastinating

✔️Don’t allow yourself to sit on blogs too long

✔️No-one can read it whilst it’s sat as a draft

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