From Ok to EPIC –

your guide to epicness

Are You Ok Love?  Isn’t ok just one step about shite though? 

Who wants to be ok when you can be experiencing life through the eyes of epic???  Now I’m not saying that there won’t be days that feel like a bit of a slog but if your default position was epic how would that impact on your world? 

I used to say I was “ok” on a good day (and I’d perhaps pull out that I was “fine” on a not so good day 😬😱).  I remember a conversation where I was provoked into thinking about what I wanted to do by a friend and my stock response was “I’m ok.” AND I kinda was.  I have a lovely family, nice house, fab business.  Everything was ok BUT I wasn’t experiencing everything all in and full out.  The reality was that I was rattling through days in my fog of “ok-ness.” 

I made a whole wrath of changes and I’ve distilled the BIG IMPACT major ones into a little list just for you.  Kinda think of it was your own epicness crib sheet, a point to realign yourself and make sure you’re pointing NORTH and not settling for the same old same old!  

Wanna know more….

From OK to Epic, Free Guide 

What’s It All About???

The Checklist

That will ensure you’re not just bimbling through the days and not paying any attention to your experiences and how you want to feel

A Provocation

To give you that little kick up the ass to prioritise the shit that’s important and let the other shit go.

An epiphany

To cast a little light on the areas of your life that might be needing a little attention 

Motivation & Commitment

To make the changes and make changes stick! 

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