Guest blog from the lovely Kirsten Sinclair all about whether we need to make constant leaps all of the time or whether sometimes those baby steps are just a little more productive! 

Can we take it one step at a time?

I had a client who believed that to create the direction and freedom that she wanted in her life, she’d need to leave her partner who she really loved and move away from her current home. She couldn’t see any other options, it was all or nothing. Through our coaching series, she realised that actually, she didn’t need to make such massive leaps and changes all at one time! She could start out small and see where the path took her. Her belief that huge leaps were required had prevented her from making any decisions at all and kept her paralysed. The changes she felt she ‘had’ to make was terrifying! This inevitably left her feeling stuck and confused and ultimately, doing nothing.

Does it have to be all or nothing?

I believe that change does not have to be made through taking huge action but by taking baby steps and completing smaller actions. Not only can it be done this way but it is BETTER when it is done this way. Yes you can take a running jump at something and hope for the best but you don’t have to! You can travel exactly the same distance by taking smaller steps too!  Picture a long jump with a mark in the sand a few meters out. Looking at that mark in the distance, the thought of jumping out to it can seem quite intimidating. You can run at it full speed and launch yourself out in one huge burst of effort and hope you make the mark OR you could take smaller steps which take longer but are much easier and you are way more likely to reach the mark because you’ll just keep taking those steps until you get there!  Knowing that you can take those smaller steps makes the thought of reaching the mark seem much less daunting.

Facing the fear factor

Many of my clients are held back by fear. Tackling a fear and facing it head on usually means breaking that fear down and working through it one step at a time. When my client and I discussed what it truly was that she wanted in her life, we realised that a lot of those things could be achieved in much, much smaller actions.

She wanted a change in direction in her life and she really wanted to have a career she was proud of. Instead of moving away and looking for a new job, the idea of which was extremely scary and confusing for her, she realised that she could start a university course and work towards a qualification which would make her proud of herself right now AND would open up new career paths to her in the future. She was able to study by distance learning so she didn’t have to leave home to start out on her ideal path and she didn’t have to leave her partner!

Suddenly, everything was a lot easier and less scary for her. Instead of staying stuck, she was able to get into action.

When you take baby steps, instead of having one huge goal you have lots of smaller goals. These smaller goals are much more achievable and a lot less overwhelming. Each time you succeed in one of your small goals, you get a confidence boost and the motivation to keep going and smash your next goal. When working towards one massive goal, it’s really easy to become disheartened and to give up in which case you will have achieved exactly nothing. AND each time you give up and achieve nothing you trust your capabilities a little less. By completing lots of smaller goals, you will have succeeded at LOTS of things on your way to achieving your final, overarching goal.

Baby Stepping Tips

  1. Break your big goals down into smaller steps

  2. Set daily/weekly goals and succeed at them
  3. Monitor your progress
  4. Celebrate your wins
  5. Repeat until you reach your big goal at the end

So by taking baby steps you reduce overwhelm, you build your confidence and your trust in yourself, you have lots of wins on the path to achieving your overarching goal, you are more motivated and much more likely to smash your ultimate goal. What have you got to lose?

Kirsten x

About Kirsten…

Kirsten Sinclair is a Fierce Women Empowerment Coach. She helps women to find their true path in life and the self belief and confidence to step onto it. She gives them the tools and tricks they need to throw away expectation and step outside of the box. She coaches women to turn their fierce dreams into a fierce reality.