Desperation grips and it grips REALLY TIGHTLY, desperation is consuming and it’s panicky and it’s uncomfortable.  You can sway from rabbit in headlights scared to sobbing in the corner in seconds.  You can doubt your abilities, your value, your pricing, your worth and whether or not you are even doing the right thing.

The whole “proper job” thing will have floated through your head on numerous occasions.

You are in the shit or bust position.

It’s now or never.

It’s this time or it’s proper job.

Your heart rate is high, you feel constantly on edge and every so slightly sick.

You ARE Desperate.

This is it.

Right, steady now lovely, deep breath in & slowly exhale, let’s take a look at it. 

You HAVE already got a proper job!

You CAN do this!

We need to calm down first, desperation is an energy which your audience will feel very quickly.  You will vomit stuff out there and be moving on to the next thing too quickly because you are just chasing that thing that might stick.

So, when you are desperate what do you need to do? 

✔️Step away and realign with what you are doing and why you’re doing it.

✔️ Check in that the products that you are offering are the right offering for your current crowd.  We need to look at the alignment between product and fan base.  If you are not making sales that can be for a number of reasons.  Firstly you are selling the wrong product to the right crowd, secondly you are selling the right product to the wrong crowd.  There needs to be alignment between product and crowd.  It needs to be something that they WANT to purchase and needs to be answer to their problems.  Other reasons that they don’t buy >> you are too risky ~ make sure you are providing testimonials and social proof about your products so that your fans know that it’s not just you who is saying your stuff is awesome.  Your sales process is lacking, make sure you are actually offering something for sale, so often people are keeping their paid for offering such a secret and hope that people come across it by magic.  Only the other day I had to have a chat to someone who was putting together a social media post talking about their programme, the programme was missing one thing, a link to buy! They were avoiding popping the link in because they would be penalise with the reach given to the post by Facebook but without the link they were penalising their bank account as no-one would seek out their programme to buy.  Another example was a lady who wanted to drive some cash but was keeping her work a secret.  She plucked up the courage to send out a newsletter but didn’t include any links to buy anything.

✔️Work on your copy.  Make sure that the words that you are putting together in order to sell your products are REALLY talking to your fans.

✔️Don’t panic

✔️Don’t make your stuff too cheap simply to drive sales quickly

✔️Come from a place of giving, what can you do right now to support your fans and show them how awesome it would be to work with you.

✔️Bring together a strategy that includes nourishing your fans as well as offering something for sale.

~ Summary ~ 

Desperation will stop sales, the energy of desperation is icky.  Sometimes you have to do what it takes to get yourself out of the situation of immediate need BUT you still need to get together the right strategy to do this.  What you need is a plan so that you aren’t running around in total desperation.  Make sure you are aligned to your product, your fans and your crowd.  Make sure you are showcasing your products in the best light (with your words) and remember to reduce the risk to your crowd by providing some awesome Social Proof & testimonials.

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