I’m diving in a writing this one about the current changes in the way we all live.  For longevity (as it’s on my blog) it’s April 2020, the beat of the world has changed.  In the UK we have been popped into lockdown and the majority of people are working from home.  Times are feeling very uncertain for a lot of people. 

We can’t always control the circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in but we can certainly control our reaction to them. 

Here’s some things that might just help you along the way…… 

I suppose the only thing that is a constant is that things will evolve and change.  I know that for some people change seems super scary and difficult.  

There’s some things that we need to make non-negogitable and there’s other areas where we need to be ridiculously flexible.  

I’ve written a little article about what’s changed for me.

🤔 Is it easier to stay the same? 🤔

I started to type “of course it is” as I prepared this post. In so many ways it is easier to stay the same, it is easier to keep chugging along doing the same things.

BUT sometimes it can be deeply uncomfortable to keep on keeping on. The bum nipping thought of change might well be a little less intimidating than the prospect of staying exactly where you are.

Yeah, shit’s changed right now and whilst some people are adapting and growing and focusing on moving through it some people do struggle a little more. Whichever end of the scale you sit in that’s totally valid and ok. I’ve heard lots of people bashing positive people and saying we’ve just gotta accept it’s fucking horrid right now ~ nope, I’m not having that, we don’t. I’ve also heard positive people trying to invalidate the negative feelings people are having, I’m not having that either.

I know that focusing my attention on what I CAN do is what’s important. Not focusing on all the shit we CAN’T do.

Ooooooo, this went off in a very unexpected direction didn’t it.

Let’s see if I can pull it back or if I’m going to have to delete it and start again 😜

Change is the only certainty in life.

Things will change around us and we are more able to adapt than we realise .

Some change is uncomfortable.
Some change is sought out.
Some change is brought about because the alternative is petrifying.
Some change feels like a forced hand.

The clique goes, we can’t always control the circumstances but we can control the way react to them.

Be a good human.

Everyone’s feelings are valid.

Focus on your CANS and not your CAN’Ts

Change, grow, develop & evolve.

Need A Little Help To Navigate The Current Changes?

Sometimes we actively make decisions to make changes and sometimes those changes are thrust our way.  However change looks it doesn’t need to be a beast and a hugely scary experience.  Grab your FREE copy of the Change Matrix E-Book to help you to navigate what change means to you and what it might look like.

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