Eeeekk!  This one can be a BIG HUGE headache.  What should I name my coaching business?  Should you go for a snazzy business name or should you just use your own name?

So here’s the thing – it’s not massively important.

What is important is that if you are going to go with a business name then you make sure that it’s a name that is going to resonate with your audience and it kinda says what you do.   If you are going to go with a business name it’s important that you also get your own name known. You are the brains behind the operation after all and people will want to know who you are.  You will be the person that people refer their friends and colleagues too so you need to make sure that there is also a name behind the business.

So, what do you need to think about when it comes to getting your name know (regardless of whether or not you have business name or decide to go with your own name?

Here’s some little tweaks 

✔️ You sign your social media off with your name.

✔️ You introduce yourself by name in videos

✔️ You have a cracking “about” page on your website.

✔️ You connect with your audience and give them insights into your world and a little bit of yourself.

The important thing when you are naming your business is that you make sure that you are comfortable with it, that it will speak to your crowd, that you are confident that you can get your personality to shine through. I was working with a lovely lady in one of my group coaching programmes.  Her business had a name and she had, over time, outgrown the name of the business.  She was also hiding behind the brand to some degree.  This particular lady also ran a business network and it dawned on her one day that her business network had a significant number of her ideal clients in there BUT they had no idea as to what she did. She decided to rebrand and to make her business name just her name.  It was a little bit like a permission slip to freedom for her.  As soon as she took that step she instantly became more visible, she connected more with her audience and people became aware of what she did – she was also proud to shout about it too.

The moral?

Go with your gut but don’t overthink it.  In the grand old scheme of things it more what you do within your business and how you connect with your audience that’s important rather than what you call yourself.

Emma Holmes Rebels & Rockstars