My name is Trudie and right now I don’t love my business.

That’s what I text Emma back in January. Just after we returned to work after the Christmas break. Funny thing about it was I thought the break from working in my business would actually clear everything up for me and that I’d feel ready and raring to go. In fact, the break did the exact opposite. It magnified all the issues within my biz.

I’ve worked with Emma for 3 years, she has taught me so, so much. When I started working with her I hadn’t a clue how to run an online course, now I’ve ten under my belt. I didn’t know how to send an email, now I’ve a mailing list of nearly 1,000 people combined. I didn’t know how to engage my audience, my latest freebie had an uptake of nearly 300 people! Now every launch is a successful launch. The results are there, financially, all is well.

But last year a lot shifted in my world. I had the death of a family member, I had time that I was trying to make up and I just started going through the motions. Do this reading, run that course, put out that newsletter, fill my social media, be engaging, interesting, etc. At some point in all that I lost sight of my core values. My only goal is to empower people through Spirituality. All I want to do is make Spirituality easy, practical, fun & accessible and to be able to support my family in that process.

But what’s the point, when your not loving what you do?

This is where Emma comes in. If I had not of sent that message to her back in January, I could almost guarantee you that I’d be out job-hunting by now. Over a quick call, Emma gave me direction, points to consider, things to do so I started to get some clarity that I was lacking back. We both knew that we were meeting in Dublin for the VIP Accelerator Day by the end of January so this gave me time to sort a few things out so I could go to the day in a clearer headspace.

The girls who attended on the day, each with very different businesses, and within 30 minutes Emma had the three of us sussed out! She has this uncanny knack of being able to convey exactly what it is you do and why you do it and where your stuck and how you can get past stuck!

By lunch time, she had giddy women excited about their businesses on her hands.

By the end of the day, she had three empowered women, who knew what they needed to do and how they were gonna do it.

To sit in that room and witness Emma work was spectacular. I really believe in business, we can be our own worst enemies, just like we will always be our own biggest critics and that is why we need Emma. She is so practical and logical, she will not dress things up or bullshit you, she will pull the truth from you (in the most supportive way) and walk you through the steps. She is incredibly intuitive and the epiphanies that happened in the room last Monday can only be credited to Emma’s energy.

The women who walked into that room, not knowing what they were doing, racked with fear and on the edge of burnout. The women who walked out of that room, filled with confidence, plans and epiphanies. It was the most magical thing I’ve ever witnessed (and I see dead people)!!

Emma, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to fall in love with my business again. For showing me theirs light, where I was throwing shade. For believing in me and encouraging and supporting me. The future has never looked so bright!

If you get the opportunity to attend a VIP Accelerator Day, mark my words, you do not want to miss it. What Emma will help you achieve in the space of a day, is absolutely priceless. Don’t wait until your on the edge of burnout like me, go for it as soon as you can. You business & your clients will thank you for it!

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