Dear Rockstar

I want to start off by telling you that I know that you are a Rockstar (well quite frankly, you’re reading this so how could you not be).

I want you just to spend a moment with me.  Grab a brew if you need to.  I have something that I have to get off my chest.  Something that has been troubling me and that I need to chat about.

I want you to stop.  I want you to stop getting in your own way, overthinking things, getting stuck in overwhelm, being indecisive and feeling like you simply aren’t cut out for building this business that you dream of.  I want you to step out from behind your shadow and into your very own sunshine.   I want you to know that the possibilities are limitless, the moment that you stop imposing limits.

I know that you have this desire, the desire to take forward a business which helps people, that is nurturing to others (but also helps you too).  I know that when you think about the enormity of building that business it makes you shudder.  It feels massive, it feels hard, it feels like it would be a task that would be beyond your capabilities.

I know that you have self talk which sucks.  The self talk fairy has an absolute field day with you on a regular basis.  In fact, she’s a bitch.  She says such mean things.  Things that you would never dream of saying out loud or to a friend.  She says that you’re stupid or that you can’t do this or questions why you ever thought YOU would be able to bring it together.  People like you don’t do things like that!

You worry whether or not your message is actually important.  Did you dream it up?  Did you make it up?  Is it something that people are interested in?  Will you be in a position to make a business out of it?

You know that there’s stacks to learn.  You know that you need to do things that you never thought you’d be able to do.  You need to embrace tech, look at websites, think about business strategy and BOOM your head explodes with all the complicated stuff going on.

I know that you feel angsty, you feel defeated at times.  Some days you feel nervous and the enormity coarses through your veins.  There are days where you feel defeated and you feel like you just aren’t capable of making anything work.

Right, enough now!

Now is the time for you to step into this business.  It’s time for you to own your message and for you to really embrace your business.

I want you to know that building a business is enormous – but with everything that’s huge, it’s made up of a number of small steps.  It’s always about taking the next step.  It’s always about just making that forward motion.

You are MORE THAN capable of doing this.

It’s your choice now as to whether you trust the feedback that the self talk fairy (she’s a liar and a bitch btw) or whether you look at this without that filter.

If you need help to build this business then get the help that you need.  It’s not lame to get help to build your business – it’s necessary.

Tap into your head – we can get stuck in our head for the wrong reasons but we need to start to look at the truth of what’s going on rather than the self talk that that naughty little fairy is feeding you.  If you are feeling a little shitty, then write down what’s coming up for you.  The minute you write it down the emotional energy is discharged from it.  It then lets you look at the thoughts in their reality, you can then decide whether it’s the truth or it’s a big fat lie.

Take action – a dream that isn’t actioned will always stay a dream.

You are in control.  You can decide how this plays out.

Step in, stand up, take control and take action to create this business.

Make that decision, do that thing that scares the pants off you – take action. Stop sitting on it and stop standing in your own sunshine.

I want you to know that you absolutely can do it.  If you don’t believe it yet then you can borrow my belief in you.