I’m Emma Holmes, founder of Rebels & Rockstars. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I am the mum of two lovely (well most of the time) little people, Jack and Maggie, and wife to a professional hero (sounds better than works for the Fire Service PLUS I reckon his ego quite likes the professional hero tag too..).
I’ll let you into a few little secrets about the paradoxical me;

  • I care A LOT
  • I’m soppy
  • I’m intuitive
  • I’m a butt kicker and a hugger
  • I’m a geek and a technophobe
  • I am selfish and selfless
  • I’m driven and lazy
  • I’m strong but I can break
  • I’m a control freak and an outsource advocate
  • I’m shallow but I’m oh so deep
  • I’m spiritual but I’m practical
  • I am hideously, helplessly and horrendously imperfect.

And I’m super ok with that.

I also like coffee – A LOT!

From being a little girl, my big dream was to be a lawyer.  I achieved that and my corporate career was one immersed in Family Law and I loved it.  It was no Ally McBeal, but it was pretty awesome and every day was different.  It hit my happy buttons as my work was truly making a difference to the lives of others and it was a truly fabulous career until it simply didn’t fit anymore…

I had my children and found myself stuck in a guilt trap.  I would spend Sunday evenings until Friday evenings pretty much feeling guilty.  Working part time didn’t help either  – I felt guilty about home when I was at work,and guilty about work at home.

Life had provided me with what I call my ‘Memo’ a few years earlier, and whilst colleagues stood around the water cooler bitching and wishing, I decided to take action.  If it wasn’t working then something simply had to change!

I became self-employed.

I did some stuff that, in hindsight, was never going to work.  Despite my corporate days, my ability to network and my grasp of the basics of marketing, my initial venture into the world of self employed work was flawed.

I knew my desires remained the same as in my corporate days.  I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone.

In September 2014 I decided to lay down the gauntlet on a mission for myself – to spend 2015 growing 100k online business without it EVER feeling icky, without using any tactics that weren’t completely aligned with my values and without any of the ridiculous rubbish that seems to be increasingly the norm -certainly online.

I was curious to know if it could be done without the cut throat measures I was seeing. I was curious to know if in fact, there was any “secrets” (there aren’t) and I wanted to move away from the whole ‘You can make a gazillion pounds working 3.6 seconds per week malarkey that was becoming prevalent in the online coaching world.

The Launch Queen was my brand platform for the mission. 12 months, one challenge, one result.  A 100k business? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

BUT, successful as it was that business simply didn’t feel quite right.  It didn’t fit with my personality, it didn’t allow me a freedom to be myself.  I felt caged and suffocated.  In order to shine my light and be myself I needed to change and that’s when Coaching Rockstars was born.

Coaching Rockstars isn’t about me (despite this whole about me page), it’s about my Rockstars! It’s about the people that I help and support, and it’s about being a nurturing, warm hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul.   But, because of their very nature, heart-centred business owners can get right in their own way because they know what is pushed hard can move away, because they’re uncomfortable with selling,  because they don’t just want to serve anyone and last but not least, it’s about more than the money.

>>find out more about what Rebels & Rockstars is all about here<< 

I have a wealth of experience in helping heart-centred, soulful entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and build ridiculously big businesses, and supported them to launch online products and programmes to increase their reach and income even further.  I’ve worked with clients to launch products which have produced 18K income in one day and launches of 54k + in sales together with a 30k in 30 days project.

BUT whilst these are key measures of ‘success’ it’s not about making stacks of money REALLY quickly.  Lots of back end work goes into achieving these results and they don’t come with a grab it and go strategy #sorrynotsorry.  I work with clients across the world to develop a business bespoke to them.  No cookie cut approach or one size fits all.

I have been featured on That’s Manchester TV, BBC Radio, Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, Mememe as well as being an Accreditation Content Marketing Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimisation Specialist.