We are so often head down and basing away on a keyboard.

We are sat directly in front of our computer and barely come up for air.

We aren’t taking in the whole wonderful view.

We aren’t enjoying the journey. 

There’s stuff right in front of our face that we are missing.  We are missing stuff & it’s simply passing us by because we aren’t paying any attention.  We are just restraining ourselves in the same circumstances.

I want you to stop.

Let me tell you a story……

Recently, Rockstar HQ moved.  We live somewhere brand new, not all that far away from where we used to live but a gazillion miles away all at the same time.  This moved has completely set me free.  I can now walk to most of the places I wanna go to.  I have friends who live not so far away and I’ve had amazing colleagues and peers around for coffee, people I bloody love to spend time with.  I can walk into the town centre where there’s a bustle, coffee shops and restaurants, florists and freedom.  That walk into town has given me a whole new perspective on my lovely local town centre.  I’ve seen things that I haven’t seen for years, the town has taken a whole new light and attitude.  Why?  Because I’m coming at it from a new direction, I’m coming at it with a relaxed attitude and a spring in my step, I’ve re-opened my eyes.  I’m now living in my birth town (as I was before) but it’s taken on a whole new, exciting dimension full of opportunity simply by my attitude changing, a change in how I’m coming at it and the fact that I’ve opened my eyes.

So the business lesson? 

There’s stuff right in front of your eyes that you are seeing in the same old, same old way.  You are coming at it from the same direction and the same attitude as always and you are missing out on the massive beauty of it all.

Closed eyes close off opportunities.

Right now, right in front of your nose there may well be sales opportunities, mentor/learning opportunites and business building opportunities that you simply aren’t seeing right now.

I Rockstar Dares you to change your perspective, to open your eyes, to take a step back and look at things from a new stand point,

It’s time to open your eyes and allow the opportunities in rather than keeping the door firmly shut on them.

Eyes open lovely  😉