Getting stuck in business isn’t uncommon.

Overthinking & procrastinating isn’t unusual.

It might even be thought of as kinda a right of passage.  You can’t make it easy until you make it difficult and decide that it doesn’t need to be that way.

So getting stuck might not be optional (I reckon it hits everyone at some point or another, staying stuck certainly IS optional.  You can decide to make a change.

Meet Vicky Powell, The Retail Biz Queen

I started working with the very lovely Vicky Powell recently.  Vicky is an expert in retail business.  In her corporate career as a buyer she worked for some of the biggies – Liverpool Football Club, Matalan, Home Bargains, Poundstretcher, Children in Need to name a few and she also runs her own retail business, Virtual Racing.

Vicky contacted me recently because she had decided that enough was enough! She had been dipping her toe into her Retail Biz Queen Business and despite successes in her 1-2-1 work she was overwhelmed and procrastinating over leveraging her knowledge and helping more people.

Vicky felt that she’d kinda tied herself up in knots with all of the different opinions out there in the online space.  She didn’t know whether she was supposed to be going left or right 😱

She’d built a FREE Facebook Group to over 400 members but had seen no income as a result of all of the time & effort she was putting into that group.

She was scared to make the step forward that she needed to make in her business,  she needed momentum (and perhaps a little kick up the bum in places 😉), she needed a little help to be able to carry on moving forwards despite her tech fears AND have a structure, strategy and support to move forwards.

What We Did

The first thing we looked at was the types of products and services that Vicky wanted to bring into her business.  She wanted to focus on bringing together a business model that was more leveraged.  Despite the fact that she had a Facebook Page of 1.3k and a group of 400+ retailers her money wasn’t being made through online products and programmes.  She had, essentially, a time for money model and was working on various corporate contracts.

We talked about the free Facebook group and whether or not it was serving HER, HER BUSINESS & HER AUDIENCE.

I’m not an advocate of bringing together a free Facebook Group just because you can.  I have seen it be a touted tactic by many for a little while now and it can have some amazing benefits in relation to building relationships with your audience, enhancing the know/like and trust factor and converting followers into buyers but more often than not I see;

✖️ Group owners hiding away in their Facebook Group to the detriment of their page ~ this will result in their page & their group stagnating and their public presence not being as strong as it could be if they put the same amount of effort into their Facebook Page

✖️ Group owners over delivering in their Facebook Groups and devaluing their work in the eyes of their audience (purely subconsciously on both sides)

✖️You accidentally grow a culture of expectation of help & support for free unless you’re boundaried AF in running the group.

FREE groups CAN work but they need to have a strategy if they are going to enhance your business rather than detract from it.

Here’s a little video I recorded a little while ago about free groups….

Introducing A Membership Club

Vicky wanted to bring EVEN MORE value to retailers, who we all know have suffered a tricky climate over recent years and her expertise can certainly bring about big changes for independent retailers to maximise footfall, online sales & PROFIT.

We decided on the Membership Club model as a way for her to provide this value and support on an ongoing basis.  A subscription product which people can sign up to for a minimal investment and get Vicky’s help, advice and support in a group enviroment.

I don’t usually recommend a subscription product as being your first digital offering within a business as they aren’t the easiest products to sell.  It’s a funny one & I have supported the growth of some pretty big membership clubs over the last 5 years.  People are a little more cautious when it comes to anything that has a subscription.  They feel like, despite reassurances that there’s no contract and they don’t end up stuck paying for something they don’t use (they are in complete control of staying or going), it DOES bring a level of resistance frequently.  BUT, in Vicky’s case she had been serving a FREE Facebook Group, yes at a lesser level than we envisaged in the membership club and the people within that free group where used to her help, support and accountability THEREFORE one area of resistance could be removed as people had experience of working with her in a group enviroment.

😱 Vicky was terrified of bringing together the tech elements of the subscription product ~ like all tech, it’s a matter of breaking it down into steps and executing each element, one step at a time.

😱 She was scared to part with the free group and was concerned about what the members of the free group would think about her selling to them (as she’d not done this before, other than the odd offer here and there).

😱 What if no-one buys 😱What if it’s a flop.

All of these concerns are totally normal and here’s what we did;

✔️ Vicky scoped out the concept of the Members Club and how she wanted it to look.  She wanted a fusion of her Retail Expertise with guest experts also delivering help and support on other elements of business.

✔️ We spent time getting into the psyche of her “Sandra.”  Her Sandra (Ideal Customer/Raving Fan) for this particular product was a retail business owner who felt that they were always on HIGH ALERT because they simply didn’t know when their business might go to shit.  We scoped out all the information around who they were and then..

✔️ Vicky drafted the sales page.  We went through it together and we made sure (as with every element) that the page was SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT – simply to absorb, simple to purchase from, simple for Vicky to get working in her business quickly

The great hashtag that I got through messenger was #stillshittingmyself.  Why do I tell you this?  Because Vicky KNOWS HER STUFF.  Vicky is GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES.  Vicky is an expert in her field.  Shitting yourself when taking the next step in your business is totally normal.

✔️ We worked on a launch plan.

✔️ We set some provisional targets


Now What?

At the time of writing this Vicky is coming towards the end of her first stage launch.

The VIP Retail Biz Club now exists and has happy members who are making breakthroughs.

Vicky now has 35 paying customers through her leveraged Membership Club and is well on her way to hitting the reasonably stretching first target we put in place.

There’s STACKS more to come and by being brave, facing the shit she didn’t want to face, shifting her mindset in various areas of her business she is setting up a business with solid foundations and longevity.

We have started to discuss her footpaths to guide people into the VIP Retail Biz Club and how she can continue to get new members consistently.

Here’s to a business that’s not solely reliant on Vicky’s time, that’s not sucking away her time & energy for no ROI and that’s structured for growth.

I’m bloody proud of what Vicky has achieved in just 8 weeks 😃

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