WTF Is Mercury Retrograde? 

So, here’s the thing, the planets hurtle about in space all of the time and as the moon cycle has a massive impact on everything here so does the path of other amazing planets that are hanging out in our solar system with us.

When a planet retrogrades it appears to go backwards in it’s orbit.  It’s not really changed direction and decided to hokey kokey the other way but visibly it appears to have done an about turn and decided to naff off in the opposite direction.

Mercury usually takes around three and a half weeks to “go direct” again.

During the time of retrograde Mercury’s disruption can be felt and as Mercury rules all levels of communication, clarity of thought, travelling plans, technology and levels of truth/perception it can leave a hell ov a storm in it’s wake.

What Does It Actually Mean To You? 

Communication/misunderstandings may well be extremely rife during this period.  It might mean that you or others get the complete wrong end of the stick when it comes to what’s been said/inferred or implied through communications.  Emails could go off into cyber space and never reach their sending, you might get unusual letters/requests head to you during this period.

Technology may well have an absolute field day with you during retrograde.  It might result in techie meltdowns, systems crashing, you loosing stuff you’ve worked on and (kinda) forgot to save.

Travel arrangements may simply go completely to cock and you might end up with travel plans being cancelled/delays/getting lost/the loss of tickets or documents etc.

What Can You Do? 

I’ve read stacks of advice about how you should avoid signing contracts or anything legal during retrograde and don’t even think about making plans to move house etc BUT I ignored that advice and it was totally, totally fine.

Retrograde doesn’t mean that business and work needs to grind to a halt.

Yup, it might feel like everything has gone completely mad when retrograde hits but there’s some stuff that you can do in order to make sure you have a smoother path through the madness (as my little boy would say – it’s time to walk through the tide of chaos and not get washed away);

Back up your systems – whilst it’s good practice anyway to make sure that you are backing up all of your business stuff it’s particularly important now and you need to get into a good habit – then it’ll never be an issue.  If you have a WordPress website then you can use a plugin that will back up your website to dropbox.  For your documents and images etc then send them into the cloud with systems like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Double check your travel arrangements – if you need tickets for your travel plans then make sure you have then all, make sure you pop them somewhere safe and back up your “safe place” with a note in your phone about where that safe place actually is.  If you are travelling then give yourself plenty of time.

Don’t jump to conclusions – again, another one that’s good practice all of the time.  Don’t read negativity into things, don’t jump to decide what people mean in their written communications and take things at face value.  If you are waiting for replies on stuff then check that people have received your request for a reply first before getting all sulky bum that they haven’t replied to you.

Check Stuff – if you are going to sign contracts or make higher value purchases then just make sure you are taking your time to read all of the information and you aren’t making impulsive or rash decisions.

Expect hiccups and don’t let them stress you out – see the situation for what it is.  Get your head into seeking solutions rather than panicking at circumstances.

What’s Retrograde EPIC For? 

  • Reflection – getting your sh!t together.  It’s a fab time for making sure your finances are all in order, letting stuff go and taking stock.
  • Slow Down – it’s a great opportunity to have a less pushy couple of weeks.  I’m not saying that you can use it as an excuse to get nothing done but take more time over stuff would be fabulous.
  • Finish Stuff – it’s an awesome time to get to the end of stuff, actually

Always remember that retrograde will pass too! 

How do you find out when Mercury will Retrograde?

>Click here<< to find out the Mercury Retrograde Dates

Remember that there will be a period of time before retrograde starts that will be the pre-shadow of the retrograde and the disruption might start a little earlier than the dates that the planet is actually in retrograde.

Remember, we don’t need retrograde to stop us in our tracks, it doesn’t mean that your business needs to grind to a halt, it’s not to be feared.  Just know that that little heads up and knowing it’s likely impact will set you in fabulous stead to the time to come 🙂