Ah marketing! Yup, it can bring up a whole wrath of emotions – from frustration and angst to the feeling of being pushy and a nuisance to feeling like there’s some kinda hidden formula that you can’t quite seem to get your hands on.

I get it.

Marketing can feel like the pain of your life and whatever business you’re in you need to get to grips with marketing.

What is marketing?  It’s everything.  I don’t say that in a grandiose kinda way, where I swish my hair and make over exuberant hand gestures. Although that’s probably the right answer too.  I mean that it’s everything you do in your business, everything that’s public facing in your business.  Every social media post you write, image your prepare, photograph you share, video you record, blog you write, your website, your newsletter EVERYTHING IS MARKETING.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make in their marketing a little tweaks you can make to rectify them in a flash…..

Marketing Resistance 

Let’s head out with this bad boy first.

A hatred of marketing is really common in entrepreuers.  I feels icky, pushy, the word has all sorts of resistance and judgement attached to it.  What is we changed the word?  What if we set you free from the shackles of “marketing”?

Well, here’s a quick reframe on that one.  If you’re marketing resistant then listen up.

Let’s say we swap the word MARKETING with the word COMMUNICATING. 

Now that feels a little easier doesn’t it.  All of your marketing is communication.  It’s the way you are communicating with your audience to gain a connection, nourish that relationship and offer things for sale (more on that one later).

A quick wordie reframe and we’ve gone from a word that feels like it’s filled with resistance to a word that feels more do-able, more “with flow” and MUCH more achievable.

You’re very welcome 😉

Faceless Marketing 

I totally understand that when you are first “putting yourself out there” in your business it can feel VERY clenched.  It can feel smothered in vulnerability and you question whether or not it’s wholly necessary.

I suppose I’m what some people might refer to as a personal brand and therefore it makes sense for me to be part of that brand.  What if you have no desire at all to be a personal brand?  What if you want your products to speak for themselves?  What if you simply aren’t comfortable with your face being attached to everything?

OK, I hear you.  BUT every single transaction you make in business is as a result of a relationship you had with a consumer of your content/communications/marketing (<<whatever you want to call it).  The way to fast track those relationships if by being part of that communication.  It’s easier and simpler for us to form relationships with people than it is with brands.  It fast tracks the buying cycle.

How can you add even a little bit of you into your business?

✔️ have your NAME really easy to find on your Social Media & Website.  I’m always amazed by the amount of people I want to drop a quick line to and I can’t find their name 😱 It makes me feel really rude in that correspondence.

✔️ Sign off your Facebook posts.  I always sign off my Facebook posts “Big Love, Emma 💗💖💗xx”  It’s a signature sign off.  Signing off your posts gives a little more personal touch to the post and let’s people feel that there’s a real life human behind the business

✔️ Show a little bit of behind the scenes.  People are naturally nosey and a good look behind the scenes is always a winner.

✔️ Check out your “about me” page and make sure it’s reflects of who you are personally and as a business.

✔️ Share the occasional picture of YOU.  Yeah, I know, this one might feel like a big step the first time you do it but people love to engage with people.  It doesn’t mean you have to pout your little face off with a daily selfie, but a little intro post on a regular basis to connect with your crowd is a good idea.

I DO also like images of people as profile pictures on Social Media too as it does feel like there’s an extra layer of warmth with those but it does depend on your business.

Dependant on business type you will introduce a greater or lesser extent of self into your marketing.   BUT whatever you do, add a little you.

Sales Shy 

I refer to this one as either Sales Shy or the Stealth Seller.  

Sales shy is all about the fact that you don’t want to be salesy or a nuisance and that you totally avoid sharing sales messages.  You feel like you might mess up bring time with this one and annoy people so you resist doing it all together.

Stealth Selling is where you hide the sales message so deep in content that people have a hard job finding it.  It’s like you’ve tucked it away safely so that you’ve ticked the box of offering something for sale but hidden it so damn well that the majority of people will never find it.

You are a business! 

People expect you to sell things.

If you fall into either of these camps then the likelihood of you turning into a salesy knobber is VERY low.

Take a little scoot back through your social media.  When was the last time there was anything obvious to buy from you?

People don’t have time to search out what you have for sale.  People aren’t reading your mind about the ways to work with you (even if your audience are psychic).

When you share with the world what you have for sale you are HELPING PEOPLE.  You are helping people to decide whether or not that opportunity is for them.  You are helping people to see how you can help them.  You are helping people to sort out whatever problem it is you solve (and you do solve a problem before the self talk starts on that one – whatever your product or service you are serving someone’s needs & solving a problem for them).

Another reframe on this one – selling isn’t icky, selling is necessary (as you’re a business) AND it’s helping people to identify how you can help them and the problems you solve. 

I’ll Just Write & It’ll Be Reet 

It might be that you’re happy to hide behind the written word OR you might totally resist the written word.

If you are heavy in any particular medium of delivering your content & message to the world then it’s time for a little re-think.  What do I mean by medium of delivery?  I mean text/writing or visuals/photographs or videos.  It’s important that you include a mix of these mediums in your marketing.  People connect in very different ways and as we are a consumer society that has seen a huge INCREASE in noise whilst a simultaneous DECREASE in attention spans we need to make sure we are standing out with what we do.

Eye catching imagery is great.  If you observe your own, personal use of social media and the way you scroll through your newsfeed the thing that stops you in that scroll will usually be a visual image – video or picture.  Something that catches your eye.  How can you improve your use of imagery in your business?  How can you make it more eye catching.

The visuals genius who is part of #teamrockstar is the gorgeous Vicki Nicolson, Brand Creative >>go follow her here for visual inspiration in your business<<

If you’re thinking about using more photographs then I have a guide to nailing your business photoshoot.  You can find that here…

Video is another resistance that I totally understand.  Including video in your business DOESN’T have to be about you with your face to camera.  You could be capturing something you’re working on, sharing your screen or giving a glimpse into something that’s going on.

I have a video playlist over on YouTube where you can get some inspiration about using video in different ways in your business (be sure to subscribe whilst you’re over there too)…….

If you’re writing resistant then you could try dictating your thoughts and have them transcribed.  You could voice record your ideas and send them to Rev.com who have a reasonably priced transcription service, use a Virtual Assistant to transcribe them or use Google dictate/transcribe (or any of the other dictation/transcription apps).

The Creation Carousel 

Creating everything NEW all of the time is bloody exhausting.  Social Media can feel like a hungry beast at times and like you have to be forever feeding it with more and more and more.

If you’re job isn’t marketing/social media THEN you’re job isn’t marketing/social media.  It’s time to get clever with what you’ve got.

There’s no need to be producing new content all of the time.

It’s time to get recycling ♼ I’m sure you’ve heard how good it is for the planet 😉

I’ve written this post for you to get to grips with recycling your content….

So, wherever you are right now with your marketing I hope that you’ve taken some useful hints and tips from this article!

Watch out for the next instalment 😍

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