Ok, so I’m not a look in the mirror and repeat mantras to myself kinda gal. Now if that’s for you then that’s totally epic but I don’t find it really fits with me and that’s totally epic too BUT I do have a number of mantras that I am prepared to repeat to myself and that I run my business by.

Here goes….

Cause A Ripple 

Ok, so this one is my all times favourites, this is one you will hear me harping on about ALL OF THE TIME!! It’s all about the Ripple.  Everything we do is that there Ripple.  My mission is to create a ripple and not in the way that lots of people talk about creating a ripple/making waves, this is more about you spreading something positive out there into the world.

You come into contact with stacks of people every day – be a positive energy injection into those circumstances.  If I can help one person today, and that in turn helps their family/their friendship circles, their personal world and then those people go on to help other people then we have got something truly phenomenal going on!

Be The Ripple| Start The Ripple | Be Part Of The Ripple

and be careful on typos on that one as we don’t wanna be the nipple ????

If The Mind Ain’t Aligned Then The Action Is Irrelevant 

Whoop there t’is!!

If the mind ain’t aligned then the action is irrelevant my dear. So there’s a little bit of a blend that needs to go on here.  You absolutely MUST think the right things and you MUST act on those thoughts.  There needs to be alignment between the two.  The old Henry Ford quote goes along the lines of “whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right” and that is so true! If you go off and take action in your business and in your mind you are full of expectations of failure and it all falling down around your ears then you ain’t going to make it happen.  I would be as bold as to say that mindset is the differentiator between lots of businesses that stay stuck and those which fly.

I wrote a little article about alignment not so long ago and you can read that here >>click to take a read<<

Simple BUT Significant

Stop overcomplicating.

Stop overthinking.

It doesn’t have to be hard to be worth it.

Always, always, always keep it simple but significant.

Real, Raw & Nothing More

So here we are talking about content creation, we are talking about the way you step in and show up within your business, we are talking about the injection of personality into your business.  It’s all gotta be real, raw and nothing more.  People will be in a position to totally resonate with you (or not – and that’s ok too) if you show up as your true self within your business.

It’s either a Hell Yeah Or By Default It’s A No

It’s either a hell yeah or by default it’s a no! It’s fantastic for the decision making process and it’s a super duper filter for putting elements of your business through.

Now, it’s not to say that if it’s not a hell yeah it needs to be thrown in the bin – it may well just need a little tweak here and there to make it into a hell yeah.

If it’s not a hell yeah then you will never be able to get your teeth into it with masses of passion, you won’t give it your all and it will always feel a little out of whack!

Be A Student Of Yourself, Your Crowd & Your Mission

The fusion to bring about oneness in your business is YOU, Your CROWD and Your MISSION these three elements are what makes your business unique and what allows you to move forwards without facing barriers at every turn.  Become a student of yourself and in particularly your mindset, your crowd (go out there and serve them and learn more about them) and craft your mission – that’ll be the stuff that defines the mission within your mission.  You will find that as soon as the mission is bigger than the fear then the fear will become insignificant!

Liberate Yourself From Self Imposed Rules

We put sooooo many rules on ourselves, rules about the work that we need to complete on a day to day or week to week basis, rules about what is “perfect” or “right.”

Most of the rules that beat ourselves around the head with in business are self imposed – give yourself a bit of a break and decide on which rules you are putting in place that simply make things harder for you.

Worrying Is Simply A Waste Of Energy


When you are consumed by worry, you’re praying for what you don’t want.

Yup, worry is simply you wasting time focusing on the wrong stuff.  I know that that sounds totally flippant. I have been in situations where my back has been against the wall but nothing ever solved itself because I placed loads of worry in it.

If the situation is one that has given you an auto-response of worry then you need to step back, take stock and look at what action is needed to move forwards and out of the circumstances you have found yourself in.

Fuck What’s Expected And Do What Feels Perfect

Ok so same picture BUT different message AND ties into the two above (and whoops is a little sweary).

It’s not about right or wrong.

It’s not about a one size fits all approach to business.

It’s not about what’s expected of you.


Manage Your Energy Or Schedule In Your Burn Out


Rest is as important as work!

You NEED to have time off.

You CAN’T just keep pushing harder.

Make sure you are filling your cup, you are having time off to re-energise and recharge.  You might initially have a bit of a mental conflict about this one because you feel you should be cracking on BUT I promise you that it will make you more productive & creative in the long run!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult To Be Worth It

Now this relates to the SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT one because I know that there are lots of things where, as humans, we try to find the most difficult and convoluted solution to a problem.  We think that if things are going to work or be worth it then they must be difficult.

Please know that this is a story/lie you are telling yourself.

Back to simple but significant lovely!

Go Serve The Pants Off Your Crowd

Ah, yes – another one of my favouritest mantra/instructions to clients – get out there and serve the pants off your crowd.  If you are feeling angsty – go serve your crowd, if it all feels a little overwhelming – go serve your crowd, if you need an injection in your finances – go serve your crowd, if you feel like you are shouting into the darkness – go serve your crowd.

I find that when you go serve your crowd then everything else falls into place, naturally, with ease and grace.  You are going to be in a MUCH better position to make sales if you have been serving your crowd.

Serving your crowd serves your mission and your bottom line ????

No-One Is A Threat To Your Happiness Other Than You

Well, well, well!

It’s a choice.

You are in the driving seat.

You can make the choice to embrace happiness right now today – NOT when you have reached this goal or got this things done.  I know that targets are transient little bests and as soon as you start to approach them you already have your eyes on the next milestone.  Enough – choose to be happy right now.  Don’t let yourself stand in the way of your happiness and don’t allow yourself to make your business a burden #justsaying

Acceptance Should Not Be Sought & Judgement Not Cast – This Is Your Journey, Your Mission & Your Life

Sometimes Negative Stuff Creeps In, Just Don’t Let It Leave Dirty Marks On The Carpet

We all have times that are a little trying.  We all have circumstances or situations that show up and feel a little hard – it’s important that you feel the feelings, I will never tell you that this is about being fearless or that you won’t ever feel negativity because that would be lies.  Feel the feeling BUT don’t let it leave muddy footprints on the carpet!

It’s Not About Massive Leaps – It’s Small Steps, Consistently Taken

I know you’re impatient – I know you are waiting for a BIG break or leap forwards, I know that you are ready to be at the next level BUT let me tell you that it’s not about one grand gesture or event, it’s about small steps consistently taken.

There’s Always Something

There’s always something that could come up, there’s always something that you could be worrying about, there’s always something that could stress you out.  It’s your choice, it’s a choice whether to let the muddy footprints of negativity leave marks on your carpet or whether you are going to embrace moving forwards and seeking solutions and taking action.

It’s Not Ok To Be Inconsistent 

It’s important that your approach is a consistent one – that you are taking the steps that you need to take and showing up consistently, be a constant in the world of your crowd.


And that is all!!!

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