I love all things manifestation/ law of attraction and I have done for years. Like a sponge, I soaked up Abraham Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley,The Secret and countless other manifestation experts. One thing that became apparent to me is that the formula to manifestation is generally taught the same way.

“Your thoughts become things”

“What you put out, you get back”

“What you focus on, you attract”

To put it simply, you create an intention. For example; I want lots of new clients.

You then focus on thinking positively about that intention. Example: “My new clients are going to be lovely and big spenders!”.

You release any expectations such as the “Wheres, whens, who, why, what and how?”

And you and your positive thoughts sit patiently and wait for your manifestation to show up.

And whilst that formula does and should work, I find it’s not quite a one size fits all type solution.


For many of us, simply putting out a positive thought creates a magnet effect for lots of negative thoughts to come flooding in. “But why would anyone want to work with me?” for example.

And then doubt and fear have entered the equation and many of us will say “this manifestation stuff just doesn’t work for me”

And I’ve seen this hundreds of times over the years I’ve been in business and teaching manifestation to the masses. I’ve started free challenges and on day 1 I’ll have 500 people raring to go and by Day 5, I’ll be lucky if there is 20 people still actively manifesting with me.

So why do so many people drop manifestation so quickly? Because to them, it seems hard. They created an intention (easy), Tried to think positive thoughts (moderate) and attempted to release their expectations (hard) and then doubt and fear came calling (joyless).

And when something is hard or joyless, we just don’t want to do it. In my business that is accounts, I get zero joy working all those numbers out, so I put it off, almost always to the deadline!

So a while back I became a bit defeated teaching manifestation in the same old style, over and over again and each time only getting a handful of people to the finish line so I went back over my steps and looked at them through the lens of someone who was just coming across manifestation for the first time. And I asked myself where is the fun in this? Yes, it’s great fun if you get your intention back but it’s no fun waiting, wishing, hoping and trying to keep the negative thoughts at bay.

So I’ve found to manifest smarter, not harder, we have to treat manifestation like a game. We always start with the same step “Creating an Intention” but I like to add on a little imagination game to it. So for instance “I’d like 2 new clients this week” then becomes “I’d like 2 new clients this week or better”…Hmmm, what would be better? 3 new clients? 5 new clients? Higher paying clients? Oooh what could we work on together? Manifestation? Crystal Healing? So many options! How will they feel after working with me? Oooh exciting!! And you can see you can really enter this exciting day dream of what if something better came along and wonderment at what that could be.

And then I say Ok Universe show me what you got!

Affirmations are powerful but they’re becoming tired.

Releasing expectations works but only if turned to wonderment and not being controlling.

I play a game in my community group called the prosperity game. Each day I give participants a virtual daily amount to virtually spend. The shopping lists that come back are insane, each time we play it I find new things I love and want! But most importantly we just have fun window shopping and every time we play, group members report back that they just had an unexpected windfall, someone gifted them money, they got a promotion. All because they just had a little fun with it.

And that my friends is how you manifest smarter, not harder. Play a little game of show me what you got with the Universe and the possibilities are endless!


Meet Trudie

Trudie Carley, Indigo Grace

Trudie is a mummy of 3 (two gorgeous girls & a handsome wee boy) and based in Ireland 🇮🇪.  Trudie established Indigo Grace to channel her beautiful energy & spirituality to support & help others.  Indigo Grace is both a service & retail business, supporting and assisting people to navigate this crazy world through spiritual means.

We have also seen Trudie over on the website before 😀  you can take a read here…

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