There’s something REALLY exciting I want to tell you! There’s people, right now, looking for exactly what you have to offer.  Now, that’s something special. 

➡️  People out there who are looking for solutions that you provide. 

➡️  People out there that are looking for the solutions that you provide that are a perfect match for your business. 

➡️  People out there who are looking for the solutions that you provide who are a perfect match for your business and are willing to invest in that solution! 

Now, that is exciting is it not! These are people who you have to persuade that they have a problem that needs fixing, these aren’t people who don’t yet know that there’s something else that they might wish to consider.  These are people who are looking for solutions, actively! 

You might read that and go “oh but Holmsey, where are they?? They don’t seem to come my way!” AND you might be right, they don’t seem to come your way, just yet 😉  That could be for a number of reasons but, ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you’re findable, can they actually find you? 

What’s It Mean To Be Findable?

In  order for people to be able to find you you need to make sure you’re focusing your attention in the right places and that you are creating content & assets within your business that have longevity.  

I speak to so many Rockstars who are sit of feeding the ravenous beast that is Social Media and want to get off the merrigoround of constant content creation.  They are producing amazing content and basically flushing it down the toilet as it just disappears into the ether of people’s needs feeds.   

Enough already 🙌 

So the first thing we need to consider is “where do people go to look for answers to their angsts, whoas, conundrums and questions?  Where do you go? 

You go to a search engine. 

You pop in your question, conundrum, quandry or angst and see what pops up. 

This could be; 

  • Google/Safari etc 
  • YouTube  
  • A podcast app 
  • Pinterest 

(👆 not an exhaustive list but you get where I’m going with this). 

People pop their curiosities into a search engine and see what comes up. 

Are you prioritising this kinda content in your business?  If you’re not then you’re missing out on those people who are ready for their problems to be solved and you’re putting yourself out of the options for resolution that are open to them 😱  You don’t want that, right?! 

Where Do You Start? 

The Googles/Safaris Etc

So, this could be articles/blogs on your website, guest articles/blogs on other people’s websites, well written about sections on your Social Media, Google My Business, directories etc. 

Your website is the homebase of your business and it needs to be where you’re shining like a freakin supernova.  This is where you need to an absolute smarty pants and make sure you’re writing the types of content that answer the questions you’re crowd have and making that content findable within the search engines.  This is SEO but we don’t need to say that word if it makes you strivel up and run for cover.  We can just call it smarty pants content. 

Think of the things you’re crowd are seeking answers to and write content for your website based on that! 

Guest blogging & articles on other people’s websites are great too.  Not only does this expose you (oh I’m such a teenage boy when I write things like that **sniggers**) to their audience but also can give backlinks to your website and enhance your website’s authority in the eyes of the search engine (known as domain authority), meaning the search engine thinks you’re a wee bit cooler! 

Google My Business is GREAT if you have a local business or any elements of locality within your business.  As this is owned by Google (obvs) they give it kudos in the search results that people get. 


2nd largest search engine in the world.  Only section behind Google AND owned by Google (so also getting a wee bit of a leg up on their results too). 

I’d place bets on the fact that you’ve made your way to YouTube at some point in the past and asked how to do something.  Also lots of people prefer to learn by video format than to read so will often gravitate to YouTube as a video platform to learn about stuff more generally and even follow people and use it recreationally.  At Rockstar HQ we are regular viewers of YouTube both on handheld devices and also now on the television. 

Again, think about what your crowd will be popping in that search engine and how you can appear. 


Often seen as the inspo platform where people pop off and hunt for inspiration for projects they are doing or things that they want to change/make progress with.  

It can be an absolutely amazing driver of traffic to your website when used consistently within your business.  

Are your crowd there?

What will they be looking for? 


I ADORE podcasts.  I spend my dog walks listening to podcasts, I listen to them when I am in the car alone (can’t have people interupting my favourite shows) and it’s an extremely intimate form of content, as you are often chatting directly into one person’s ear. 

People use podcast apps as search engines AND the podcast apps often recomend other podcasts based on what you’ve listened to in the past. 

➡️  Can I let you into a little secret too – one piece of content can fulfil ALL of these functions 😍  You could write a blog, then record a video with the same content to create a YouTube video, then rip the audio out of the video to use as a podcast AND THEN share all those different elements  on Pinterest AND your other Social Media platforms!!!! You might have previously just written it for a Facebook post and it be lost within hours in the newsfeed (you can still do that) but now you can make it into content that has longevity and is much more findable! 🎉

So, that might have got some cogs turning, you’re going to need some resources so let’s jump into that…

Missing Piece Marketing Impact Diagnostic

This is going to walk you through what’s currently missing in your marketing mix. I’m not talking fancy dan, new fangled Social Media features but more the fundamentals that will make your marketing more impactful..

How To Come Up With Hundreds Of Content Ideas Fast

Struggle with what to even write about?  How to tap into what your crowd are looking for or just simply sit with writers block then you NEED this one to unleash all the ideas and get good content out there..

There’s also some articles that might just help you along the way too; 

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I hope that that’s got loads of ideas flowing, dive into the comments and let me know! 

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