There’s a concept that I have LOVED for a long time! It’s a theory from Abraham-Hicks that it’s as easy to manifest a CASTLE as it is a BUTTON. If we take that one step further it’s as easy to sell as CASTLE as it is a BUTTON.  

No matter what you seek to sell (as long as you get your strategy right in both camps) it takes up as much marketing bandwidth, time, effort, energy and attention to sell something that’s of a higher financial return as it is to sell something that’s cheaper.  Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that you can going to put the same amount of effort into selling something that’s £$10 or £$1000.  The returns are obviously going to be extremely different for you though.

I could sit here and talk about the fact that you wanna make the maximum amount of money for the time you put into your work but I know that for some people that will cause a mass of resistance.  It’s about here making sure that you aren’t compromising helping and serving your clients at a level that’s more impactful for them and more financially rewarding (and rewarding in other ways too) for you because you got stuck in the small stuff.

Yes, some people make a fab business model from the whole “stack em high and sell em cheap” strategy and that absolutely does work for some. There’s also a place for buttons in your business too.  I’m certainly not here to sit and dictate the “high ticket” and “high end clients” only philosophy.  I’m not a fan of either term.  I find that the whole high ticket and high end clients makes me feel massively uncomfortable because to me all my clients are important and the pricing of my products and programmes are totally based on the value they provide.

What’s It Really Mean?

I have been working with a gorgeous Rockstar recently for just a few months and we have turned around her business quite dramatically. When we started working together her aim was to make a financial success from her amazing business.  She had been running her business for a little while and whilst she had made MASSIVE progress in her business over recent months it was about considering the financial stability of her business in the long term and her being secure in taking a decent wage from her business.

She had absolutely started to embrace her finances, rather than hide from them.

This was her time to start to take the amazing work she’d done and take it to the next level.  It’s not about one grand gesture when it comes to building your business but more about continued progression and ensuring that your time, effort, energy and attention is being spent in the right places.

She had brought together an amazing product, this product was totally fabulous ~ she had sold this product and she loved the impact that it was having on her crowd but she needed more.  At the beginning of working together she wasn’t sure what “more” looked like.   After dissecting the current situation the big thing was that this product was her BUTTONS and it was time for her to construct and sell a CASTLE.

It was all about taking her focus from her buttons to creating, planning and building AND SELLING an amazing castle.

This strategy has already bagged her more than £7,500 additional income.

The Result?

Increased confidence in her offering, the ability to serve her crowd at a deeper level and a business that has re-captured her excitment in a big way.

We will come back to her buttons but her castle is now in situate and the great thing about her castle is that she can sell it over and over again.

The marketing of her castle had no financial input cost to her but had stacks of results. She didn’t need to throw lots of money at advertising, she didn’t need to implement any strategy that was uncomfortable.  It was about focusing on the benefits of the gorgeous CASTLE product to her audience, showing up and telling them about it.


~ So, The Point To Muse? ~


❓have you got distracted by your buttons at the expense of your castle ❓


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