I want to explain a little bit of an analogy I use A LOT!!

It’s all about the logs.

So we are talking about placing logs on a fire here, see it through because it will make sense.

Every day you get a number of logs that you can use.  Your logs are your TIME, EFFORT, ENERGY & ATTENTION.  You can only use those logs once, once they are used they are used.  You can’t get them back.

Think about the circumstances and situations, people and events that you come across as the fires.  You can make a decision as to whether or not you pop your logs into that fire.  Your logs will make that fire keep burning, you will make it roar away.  If you don’t pop your logs into that fire then it’ll fizzle out.

So, this analogy came about when I was talking to one of my gorgeous Rockstars about a situation she wanted to be over and done with.  It wasn’t serving her, yet she was popping lots of her time, effort, energy and attention into the situation.  We were having a little fireside chat about it and what resulted was ~ remove your logs from that fire.  Whilst you keep piling your logs in there you keep the fire alight.  Your logs mean that it continues to burn bright.  Save your logs for stuff you want more of.

So, whilst this isn’t the hugest of articles it’s a BIGGIE!!

Take care of your logs!