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Welcome to the Live Lounge,

I know how easy it is to buy these pre-recorded products and programmes and NEVER EVER get around to accessing them and doing anything with them AND that’s why I have developed the Live Lounge. 

Bringing together a regular LIVE masterclass where you can tune in, in real time, ask your questions and get involved has proved to be a HUGELY enhanced learning experience for those who have taken part to date.  Not only can you get involved in real time but the recordings mean that you can revisit the topic over and over again and get a grip on all the learning points.  ADD to that the handouts that go with the class (usually a workbook and action sheet) and that means that you not only watch a class, shrug and think “ah, that was interesting” but you are also able to action the points that came up for you WIN/WIN.  Maximum impact!

Friday 1st December 1pm UK time

Create A Captivated Community.

Do you want to supercharge your businesses reach, engagement and captivate your community (and therefore supercharge your sales)?  Creating a community is about bringing together many aspects of your business and growing/reaching a crowd of people who are interested & invested in what you do.

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Thurs 7th December 11.30am UK time

Create An Online Programme.

Have you ever wondered about creating an online programme but been overwhelmed because it feels like a massive undertaking, the tech feels too complicated or you’ve talked yourself out of it?  This class is going to go through the change of landscape for digital products and how you can use them in your biz.

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Friday 15th December 10am UK time

Revive Your Money Moxie.

Whether you feel like your sales need a rocket up their ass right now or whether you are anxious about what January will bring then this Live Lounge class is for you.  NOT ONLY will you get access to the live lounge class on this one but you’ll also get access to the Revive Your Money Moxie programme too!

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BUT I Want It All…..

Worry not, because if you want to secure a season ticket to the Live Lounge then the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub is the place you need to be!  As a member of the Hub you get access to ALL of the Live Lounge classes completely FREE as well as access to business building programmes, a monthly Q&A with me and a gorgeous group of soulful, passionate entrepreneurs to hang out with!


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