I know you are busy

Working HARD to make it all work

 Absolutely, deeply and truly committed to making your business amazing

I get it! I understand. At times you might feel like you are hustling, you are looking for the next sale, you are wondering where the next little slice of income is going to appear from.  You are working every day on high alert. This is quite normal, you are certainly not alone. BUT it must change or you are going to suck every morsel of life out of your business, you will suck it dry.  You will be guilty or prunifiying (to be made prune like) your business.

Eeeeekk!  What on Earth does that mean? 

If you are forever hustling for the next sale what will happen is that you will leave your audience completely lack lustre.  They are going to view you as only ever selling to them, not giving a damn about anything other than extracting pennies from their purse. (I know you aren’t like that and  don’t want them to think that of you!) They are going to turn off to your messages, stop opening your emails, not engage on your Facebook page, not walk into your shop, not want to stop for a chat. They won’t want to know.

You will be just like all the rest!

You are only interested in them when they are spending money with you. SO STOP IT ALREADY – before you drain every last bit of life out of your crowd. People will buy more from you when you take a step back, stop trying so hard, stop being so salesy – people will engage more with you when they feel appreciated and listened to, people will start to form a relationship with you and your brand if you just give a little.

So how can you make more money but, at the same time, not suck your list dry.  Here is how:-

1. Remember The Know, Like & Trust Factor

Revolve a lot of your marketing around the “know, like & trust” factor.  Let people know a little bit about you, they will feel like they are forming a relationship with you, start to like you and ultimately trust you.  Win/Win (please note – here do not read pour your heart and soul out on a plate or that you have to make everything you do in your life 100% public – that is not the case, give away a little bit about you as a person and make sure you inject your personality into your communications).

2. Give More Than Is Comfortable

Give!  Give away information, advice, help – make sure that you are giving lots to your crowd, this will make them feel appreciated and also allow them the opportunity to sample your work before they buy.  It will allow you to continue to form a relationship with them, it will allow you to resonate with them.  It may feel mighty uncomfortable at first.  You might feel that giving things away for free will mean that people will never buy from you but that is not the case.  (please note – here do not read it as you have to spend time with your crowd 1 on 1 justifying what you know and “proving” your worth, that is not the case – this is about you having leveraged help and advice available to your crowd).

3. Surprise & Delight

Surprise & Delight your crowd.  Every now and then give your crowd something, with no expectation.  It might be that you send a pressie to your VIP clients or give away a little training video to your newsletter subscribers.  Give something that does not have any strings attached, show your crowd that you care.

4. Drop In With Some Delight

Make your newsletter a delight to drop into the inbox.  You know what I mean – some emails that drop into your inbox you just can’t wait to open.  Some never ever get opened, they sit unloved and unopened in your inbox F O R E V E R.  Take a minute to think about the ones that you rush to open, that you read every week without fail, what is is about those newsletters that you love, what makes you open them.  Can you do something similar with your newsletter?

5. A Good Rule Of Thumb

Stick to the 80/20 rule – 80% content, advice, help, relationship building and 20% selling.

6. Proper Preparation And All That!

Plan your launch strategy well in advance – make sure that you have periods between programmes where you go out of your way to add value to your audience, regardless of whether they bought from you.  Thank them for sticking with you.  During launch periods you will loose subscribers, it happens & it’s ok because they were never going to buy from you anyway.  You cannot lurch from one launch into another.  This is a surefire way of draining life from your list. Respect your audience and they will love you more for it!