Building your list is super important when you are developing your online coaching, mentoring or training business.  Your list is, what we would have referred to in the “olden days” as your database or rolodex of contacts.  It is the people who have raised their hand and agreed that they want to hear more from you, they want to be part of your community and would love your advice to fall into their inboxes on a regular basis.  If we want to put it the stuffy way then it’s Permission Marketing. 

Let’s start at the beginning…..


It’s important that you have a subscriber list for a number of reasons, so here goes….

✔️ What would happen if your Facebook Page or Twitter Feed was to be closed down?  How would you contact your crowd then?  It’s no use shaking your head and saying “ah but that will never happen.”  It can and I know people it has happened to.  I can recall two separate business ladies, on separate occasions, going to bed one night with a couple of thousand page likes, active communities, platforms from which they drove ALL of their sales and waking up in the morning to nothing, all gone, disappeared.  No real explanation – their pages had been shut down.  If you have a list then you have direct contact with at least a proportion of your crowd.

✔️ It allows you to add extra value to those in your inner crowd.

✔️ It allows you to offer your subscribers first dibs on your products and services, as well as discounts.

✔️ It allows you to stay top of mind by providing them with regular, valuable, e-newsletters.

✔️ Your list are usually the first people to buy from you.

✔️ Your list are your cheerleaders.


❌Constantly SELL, SELL, SELL, SELL.  It’s important that you view your list as a greenhouse or a nurturing pool, you view it as an arena to help your crowd and provide genuine value to their world.  Regardless of whether they buy from you or not they should be able to learn things which they can implement in their life or business that will improve their current situation.

❌Pass on their details to anyone else!

❌Leave it dormant to gather dust and cobwebs.


The best way to build your list is to provide MASSIVE value to your audience and for them to feel that if they aren’t part of your crowd then they are going to miss out.  They won’t get the super valuable information that you are offering!

As you might already know I hate the the fact that people talk about offering sign up bribes or bait to increase your list size/subscribers.  I like to think of it more of your opportunity to share your gifts with your crowd, let them try before they buy, add value to their world & give them a little present in exchange for their email address.

So, What Can You Use As A Sign Up Gift?

  1. An E-Book
  2. A Mindmap
  3. A Checklist
  4. A Cheatsheet
  5. A Blueprint
  6. A Webinar/Video/Class (live or pre-recorded)
  7. An Audio Recording
  8. A Planner
  9. A Discount Code/Voucher
  10. A Bundle/Pack on a particular topic
  11. A Worksheet/Workbook
  12. An Ideas Sheet
  13. A Tracker/Synopsis Sheet
  14. Insider Tools/Tricks & Tips
  15. A Guide
  16. How To Instructional (either written or video format)
  17. Access to a group 
  18. Run a “challenge” 
  19. Templates
  20. Samples
  21. An Email Course (a series of emails on a particular subject) 
  22. A Toolkit (a variety of things brought together to help people navigate something specific).
  23. A detailed Case Study
  24. Swipe files (something that someone can copy & paste and use)
  25. An exclusive, regular email 
  26. A quiz or the results of a quiz or more indepth analysis of results 
  27. Access to affiliate schemes 
  28. A Q&A session 
  29. A group coaching/mentoring/brainstorming session
  30. A free trial 


When you are thinking about your choice of freebie and optimising it’s impact you need to have these things top of mind….  

✔️ The content must be directed at your crowd, it must be relevant to them and solve a problem they are struggling with.

✔️ The content must be in a format which your crowd will want to consume it.  There is no point in putting together a 90 minute webinar that is available for a limited time only if your crowd are time poor for example.

✔️ It must be genuinely useful, I see lots of freebies that look awesome but actually their practical use is limited.

 ✔️  It can either be used with specificity to move people down a funnel (it doesn’t have to be icky) to the purchase of a product OR you can create freebies that are about gathering your crowd on mass.  BOTH are a good idea to include in your business in order to optimise that list building.

 ✔️ The relationship shouldn’t stop at the delivery of the free resource.  Email sequences that work alongside the freebie are a good idea

✔️ Continue to nurture the relationship you have formed with a regular newsletter/email

As a quick recap – deffo get going on building that list, take your list building seriously, make sure that you are coming from a place of giving (and not bribing or baiting!), put together a fab sign up gift (directed at your crowd, which is valuable and useful).

Let’s Take It Further

You Never Need Navigate Alone!

The Supernova Growth Capsule is designed to bring a whole stack of awesome to entrepreneurs who are ready to make progressive.  It’s supportive, reactive, provocative and potent.  It’s not designed like your average members club.  I could go on but you’re going to be more open to someone else giving you the heads up on that one…

 It’s so so so different from any other membership and group. It’s ALL about the support for YOUR business. Love it, Kat Reynolds ~ The Business Beautician 

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