This is the final part of a three parter series where you can find out the lessons I’ve learned in life so far.  If you’ve missed the first 2 then you can find them here;



In this one we are talking about life lessons so here goes;

Life Lessons

Some people will come and go in your life and that’s totally ok

So here’s the thing , not everyone is meant to stick around with you for forever.  I know that there are times when people will come and go from your life and it won’t feel all that significant and there are other times where it will feel like the biggest of big deals.  It’s ok and it’s absolutely how things are meant to be.  Some people are meant to be here for a chapter and some for the whole story.

Be careful where you place your energy, time and attention

Spend your energy, time and attention wisely because you can’t get that shit back.

Is that principle worth the fight?  What will it cost you emotionally and energetically?  What will it cost you financially?

Magical things will happen when you place your energy time and attention on the right things and you will get lost when you are placing it in the wrong areas.  I have a 5 step little checklist I go through when I need to make a decision generally (but in particular about where I’m placing my attention) and you can find it here >>get your hands on the How To Make Good Decisions Sheet<<

It’s ok not to know everything

Nobody knows everything (no matter what they tell you).  It’s ok to say “I don’t know” or “I’ll find out for you” or “let me think about.”  It’s ok for something to not be your zone of genius and be honest and open about that and it’s ok to not have all of your ducks in a row.

I suppose it’s that whole “having your shit together” thing and no-one has their shit together all of the time.  There’ll always be a time when you feel like you’re completely winging it and that’s ok!

The big picture might be overwhelming but it’s always steps to achieving it

I’ve talk about this one in the lessons from being critically ill in Part 2 of this series >>click here if you haven’t read it yet<<  It’s never one grand gesture, it’s small steps consistently taken.

There’s no bigger self evolution than that of a business owner’s journey

I had no idea how much self growth I would go through by being a business owner.  I had no idea how much introspection it would take.  No-one tells you this stuff.  You will evaluate and evolve as a person rapidly when you’re a business owner.

It’s normal to question yourself, it’s normal to have things come up around self worth and confidence, it’s normal to think you look or sound funny on videos.  It’s normal to have times where you are not sure whether you’re cut out for this business owning malarkey.  It too will pass.  Get the help and support that you need.  Become a student of yourself, your business & your crowd.

You will meet some epic and amazing people.

As I write this one I think about all of the people I have worked with within business and I feel truly blessed for the biz buddies I have in my world.  I am super grateful for all of the people that my business has introduced me to and I LOVE helping and supporting my Rockstars.  Your business will allow you to connect with people who would have never been in your life in any other way and you will feel truly blessed.

You aren’t pizza and not everyone will like you

I love the Abraham Hicks quote on this one –

“Some people will love you, some people will hate you and none of it will have anything to do with you.”

You can’t please everyone.

Your product or service isn’t for everyone.

Go out and serve the pants off your crowd and love them big!

You will change

You will change, you will evolve, you will grow and it’s all totally ok.

Work with how it feels

Trusting your gut is one of the most important elements of business for me and it is a huge barometer of whether you’re doing the right thing.  >>Click here to read a little article where I cover this in detail<<

So, those are my highlights of lessons learned in life so far! I hope you’ve enjoyed them and do feel free to jump into the comments with any of your big lessons because I’d love to share those too!