Launch periods are intense.

I remember the first “proper launch” I experienced and that work that went into it.  It was an “all in” kinda launch and was incredibly consuming.  It was a period of time where I almost lived in a student-esqe stylee, eating beans on toast and functioning on less sleep than my body would prefer.  It was a period of action and being pro-active throughout the whole period.

Launch fatigue is absolutely a real thing.

Throughout a launch you will not only be working hard and taking action BUT you will also go through a rollercoaster of emotions (that’s totally normal).  You’ll swing from LOVE to LOATHE and back again in the blink of an eye.  From CONFIDENT to CRUMPLED.

Here’s my top tips to keep that launch fatigue to a minimum;


Often the thing that makes us wobbly when it comes to launching is not getting the reception you’d like to what you’re putting out there.

Results aren’t coming in quickly enough.

You doubt you’ve got it right.

It’d be REALLY easy to quit, to give up and to decide that, actually, no-one wants what you’re offering anyway.

Your self expectation is HIGH. You want evidence that you’re doing the right thing.

The first thing you need to think about it your internal evidence and expectations.  If we spend our time seeking out proof that things aren’t going to work then, guess what, that’s what you are going to get.  It’s important that you understand that a launch is a process and you have to enjoy the process.

I’ve worked with stacks of Rockstars who’ve wanted to give up, throw in the towel, slink away and not see their launch through.  I’ve felt like that myself too.  The thing is that so often they are just starting to gain traction and momentum with their launch at this point.  I’m sure you’ve seen the image on social media before where the man and his pick axe are chipping away at the wall and you can see in the picture that he’s about to hit the diamonds but he’s turned away and given up.  That can be the exact stage of a launch when you’re ready to walk away.  DON’T.

Know that the launch process is a process.

Know that you are unlikely to get x people per day purchasing and that there’ll be peaks and troughs to your launch.

Know that not everyone sees everything you put out there.

Here’s a whole stack of tips to help you to keep the launch wobbles in check ~~>> click to take a read <<~~ 

Work Load

So there’s a stack of work that goes into a launch.

I’d always say that your launch plans should be FOCUSED BUT FLUID and that you should be easing into a launch period by getting content & marketing materials in the bag in advance.

What can you prepare ahead of time in order to ease your load?

What social media can you schedule in advance so that you don’t feel you’re scrambling for things to post?

Where can you bring in extra help and assistance to support you during a launch period?  This might be help from a mentor/coach/expert OR it might be help from a Virtual Assistant OR it might be help with the kids or around the house.  How can you make your life easier during the launch period.


Be realistic with your other appointments during a launch period.  It can’t be just “business as usual” when you are putting your heart and soul into your launch.

Diary in some down time during your launch so that you can recharge your batteries.

I ALWAYS schedule in 2 days off post launch so that I can recover.

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