Wowsers Trousers – there’s an awful lot of businessey b@ll@cks jargon out there.

Let’s get down and dirty with some of the words and phrases you might come across and work out what they really mean!

I’m going to start with some of those that you will come across all of the time and some of those that make you feel ridiculous because you’re not even sure what it even means!

Ideal Client

Oh yes, this bad boy! This is one of those, that even once defined, kept me super duper stuck in business.  What is your ideal client and who are they?

Your ideal client is that person you are speaking to in all of your marketing.  It’s the person who you are most able to help and the person that is most likely to buy from you.

I’m a huge advocate of the fact that speaking to everyone means that you end up speaking to no-one and being clear on who your crowd are can make your life so much easier but creating an ideal client avatar really did keep me stuck.  I felt it was too hard to define them down to the tiny weeny detail just left me constantly questioning myself.

I have written a couple of articles around how I work with ideal client because I needed to find a way that set me free.

Check them out here…

Why That Ideal Client Thang Could Be Keeping You Stuck 

You Wanna Be My Avatar?


Technically defined as an idea, belief or cultural beliefs system which is spread from one individual to another.  I’ve also heard it referred to as a mind virus too.  When talking memes people are usually talking about those pictures that you see everywhere with text or quotes on them. They are a great inclusion in your marketing mix (<<we will cover that one too) as visuals and imagery are fabulous to use on social media and to capture the hearts and minds of your crowd.

Marketing Mix

The different elements of marketing activity that you bring together in order to have a level of “completeness” to your marketing.  It’s kinda the suit of ways that you communicate with your crowd.  For me, marketing is all about communication and communicating with your audience is super important.  If you look at individual elements that contribute to your marketing mix you could look at a higher level for example; website, social media platforms, podcast, email marketing etc << the vehicles of communication and then you might look at each individual platform.  We can say that every post that you put out on Social Media needs a purpose;

????Introduce yourself and your biz

????Nurture Relationships/serve the pants off you crowd

????Drive Traffic To Your Website (always check in with why you’re doing this too – do you want to serve them further through blog posts, capture them on an advertising pixel so you are put more information in front of them, get them to sign up for something or buy something?)

I kinda then look at my social media as falling into categories;

????Educate/help & support – sharing advice and practical help to move you forwards.

????Inspiration/Motivation – something to get you moving forwards, light a fire in your belly and get you moving.

????Humour – something to make you laugh.

????Behind the scenes – showing you something that is going on at Rockstars HQ or is happening in my world.

????Interaction – a question or a topic which starts a conversation with my crowd and we can chat.

Then it moves to post types;

☀️Memes – images with words on them (perhaps a quote)

☀️Text posts – no explanation needed

☀️Text posts with images – so a post that is a little lengthier but has an image attached to it in order to capture attention in the newsfeed or inspire a thought.

☀️Links – posts that include a link to somewhere else – perhaps my blog, a freebie or a product.

☀️Shares – sharing posts or images from someone else’s Facebook page – always shared ethically!

☀️Videos – live and pre-recorded videos

Some posts will be more popular than others but all post types have a place in my banquet of Social Media.

Hope this has sparked some ideas for you.


I know that niche is another tricky one.  Yup you do a certain thing and your niche is kinda linked into that ideal client thing.  It’s about taking a small, specialised area to deal with.  It’s about appealing massively to a group of society rather than trying to appeal to everyone again.

BUT, so often people will define their niche through the skill sets that they have.  They see their niche as being those skills that they bring to their business.

Your skill set is the vehicle you use in order to serve your crowd rather than being the be all and end all of your niche.  These are what you will use in order to help fulfil your mission.

I would rather you think about your niche as the commonality of the journey that you are going to take your clients on rather than simply the skill set you bring to that.  That skill set forms the vehicle you use to help your crowd on that journey, you then add a sprinkle of personality into your business and then by default you make your business unique and make it appeal to the right people.