Have you ever had (or have you got) that feeling where you have been pushing, you’ve been trying all the things you have seen out there on social media, on the blogs you’ve read, the advice that you’ve had (and boy has everyone been happy to pop their two penneth worth in.

BUT it’s still not happening for you.

You kinda feel like you are shouting down deep dark holes and wading through treacle whilst treading cold custard.

I hear you!

I want you to know that you’re not alone and there’s stacks of business owners that feel this way.  I know it’s really easy for me to say but it’s ok! You can work this out.

Let’s start with some epiphanies;

One size doesn’t fit all in business.  

When I am working with my Rockstars I am working on business principles that I know work and that are successful BUT I’m helping my 1-2-1 clients to make those strategies their own and encouraging the people within my communities to look at things with a personal filter.  There’s no cookie cutter approach.

A really good example of this recently was that I worked out that I had been hyper resistant to sharing testimonials.  Sharing testimonials is an awesome addition to a marketing mix because it brings third party, social proof to the fore.  People know that marketing law dictates that I say that my stuff is pretty good but will take stacks more notice if that comes from an independent person who has experienced my work.  I unpicked it – why was I resistant?  Well my marketing is all value lead and whilst I could see the reasons for sharing such information I didn’t see the value that it added to my audience.  I also got caught in the fact that I felt that sharing the amazing feedback that I get meant that I was effectively peacocking about saying “look how good I am” and that’s simply not my style.  I decided to look at how I could share this information in a different way, in a way that felt right for me and brought together a strategy that allowed me to include testimonials in my marketing mix but in a way that felt good.

The business strategy may not be wrong – it might be that you simply need to look at a different way of implementing it.  

Success leaves clues but doesn’t tell a full story 

This is effectively looking at the fact that it’s easy to have a watchful eye on what other people are doing and then seek to implement a similar strategy within your business.  Being inspired by the strategy of another person isn’t a bad thing BUT having observed from the outside means that you don’t have the full story.  You don’t know the aims and objectives of that strategy, you don’t know the behind the scenes work that’s gone into it, you don’t know what their dreams and aspirations are and you don’t know the additional layers to the strategy that have potentially already passed or that are yet to play out.

There’s not ONE big secret

You might feel like you are scrambling around for that one piece of the puzzle that’s missing.  You might be being seduced by all the marketing BS about the one big secret or the #1 strategy for success or whatever the promise is (usually something along the lines of making a gazillion dollars in 3.6 secs whilst only ever working 3 minutes per week).


Things Take Time 

Marketing takes time, building a crowd of fans takes time, getting traction with a strategy takes time.  Be mindful not to flit around and give things an opportunity to take hold.

It is said that it takes 3 months for you to see the true effects of your marketing efforts and between 5-27 touches for people to buy from you (a touch is an experience of you – whether they have read a blog, visited your website, hung out with you on Social Media > they are all touches).

I know you are not naturally patient.  I know you want a little more immediate gratification but biz building does take time.


What Do I Want You To Take Away From This? 

  • Take business principles and strategies BUT do them your way.
  • Add your personality to what you do – give a little of yourself and form relationships with your audience.
  • Diminish the risk factor in your audiences heads but allowing them to get to see the real you (I had a message the other day from a lady who was writing to me to confirm that she thought that I was ACTUALLY genuine – so many people are rightly very cynical when it comes to experiencing people on line).  Be consistent, show up and give stacks of value – allow that relationship to form, allow them to trust you.
  • There IS NO #1 SECRET so you can call off the search
  • Success leaves clues but doesn’t tell a full story
  • Things take time
  • I’m here to support you if you need me – pop a comment in below, on my Facebook page, pop over to the contact form on my site, send me a message on my Facebook page or send me an email – my door is open 


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