Have you ever seen an online summit and though “heck, I would love to run one of those or even be involved in one” but wondered what needs to go into it and what it’s all about?

Running a summit isn’t for the faint hearted but can be immensely rewarding for all involved.

So why would you even consider running an online summit?

Helping Others 

Okay, so I had to lead with this one as this was my reason for running the Biz, Life & Soul Summit.  I had sat, on my lovely comfy sofa and I was evaluating the struggles of my lovely Rockstars and things that I could do in order to help them to side step these struggles.  A couple of things came up;

  • Some of them were petrified of recording videos and this was holding them back in developing their online programmes
  • Visibility of their brand and what they had to offer the world was and issue.  Yes, the online world has changes and evolved so much recently that you need to be one step ahead and organic reach isn’t as easy to come by as it once was.  They had awesome things to offer, if only people knew about it!
  • List building – there are stacks of freebie out there now and it takes a little more to stand out in a noisy online world.  Lots of my lovely Rockstars were finding it difficult, on a budget, to get that list building rolling

So, whilst it’s taken me a while to get to the point, that’s exactly where the decision to run a summit came about.  Together we are stronger.  It was allowing everyone involved to get out of their own way, be brave & record that video, it was allowing them a level of visibility that they weren’t managing to get alone & on a budget and this would build their list.

Yes, there was going to be A LOT of work involved in pulling it off BUT I knew that it would be truly valuable to my lovely Rockstars.

Visibility & Getting In Front Of New People 

When you bring together a summit it’s expected that the contributors to the summit will share the details with their fan base.  This means that each contributor gets to get in front of every contributors audience.  The more contributors (or the bigger their fan base) the more eyes come on to each individual business taking part in the summit.

It can also become a viral event, lots of people are sharing the details of the summit and this is resulting on lots of eyes on each lovely business.

Boost Your List Building 

As above, lots of new eyes mean lots of new subscribers and you can build your list.

For me, I took the decision that I would not be keeping the list of everyone who had signed up for every Masterclass, I was going to thank them for signing up and thank them for being part of the summit at the end BUT I was only going to keep the list of people who signed up to MY Masterclass as subscribers to my list.  I felt that that sat most comfortably with me, this wasn’t all about me BUT it does depend on the type of summit you are looking to host, whether all the sign ups are likely to be the perfect people to hear from you and what your goals for the summit really are.

Provides New Content & Value To Your Audience 

You can run a summit that is truly an epic experience for your fan base.  Think about the things that others can help them with and the struggles they are looking to overcome.  You can’t necessarily help them with everything so if you can bring in businesses who compliment but not compete with what you do then you are onto a winner for your crowd.

There are lots of reasons to run a summit and lots of positives to come out of one if you run it correctly BUT don’t think it’s a quick way to do any of the things above as a good summit requires good planning and preparation.

If you fancy it, go & do summit amazing 😉

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