I talk to so many people who feel really rubbish about the position they find themselves in.  They can’t believe that they got this way.  They can’t believe that they let things go this far.  They beat themselves up, feel crappy and get stuck in the “how did I get here.” Playing the blame game and ultimately turning to themselves or the circumstances that all added together to get where they are. 

Now I want to start with the fact that so often it’s not your fault, well it’s certainly not wholly your fault.  There are times in our lives where our priorities are different, where we don’t focus on ourselves, where we self neglect not out of spite to ourselves but because stacks of other stuff comes first and we get lost along the way.  

Add to that a diet/health/fitness industry that in a large part is committed to keeping you stuck, selling you short and leaving you feeling more confused than ever. 

Plus a level of busy-ness that creates a grab and run meal schedule for you and little time to focus on what your body needs, what the rythms of your body sound like or indeed what leaves you feeling depleated vs what leaves you feeling amazing. 

Then add a dollop of exhaustion, from all the roles we fulfil, from the lack of exercise/movement in our day and the inner dialogue of being a fail/not being able to stick to the latest (ridiculously unsustainable) diet then you can soon see how it’s super easy to get lost along the way. 

You aren’t alone AND it’s not your fault! 

There’s so many contributors, from beliefs and stories we are feeding ourselves, to time restraints and obligations we find ourselves in, to confusion over where to even start – it’s a heady mix for a compass that’s lost true north! 

Whilst lots of the slimming clubs have a truly spectacular business model with stats banded around like 84% of people are repeat customers that doesn’t support you in creating sustainable lifestyle changes that are good for your health and wellness, it merely creates a dependancy on attending the weekly meeting and standing on the sad step. 


So, whilst there are many contributory factors that perhaps got you to where you are it’s time to take responsibility.  

It’s time for you to take a hold of the reins and decide that you ain’t going to be the passenger in your life but you’re about to take the pilots seat and make decisions that support where you want to go.  

What’s happened has happened.  No amount of beating yourself up is going to change where you are.  I’m a huge advocate of meeting people where they are and supporting them to move forwards from there.  As long as you have a desire to move away from the stuck place then you can take any starting point.  

Here’s Some Things You Need To Know 

1️⃣  It starts with a decision.  Change doesn’t have to be a slog or hard or horrible (we will get onto that in a bit) but the first step to anything is to decide you’re done with where you are right now and you want to start to create a different tomorrow. 

2️⃣  Initially that might feel overwhelming. There might feel like there’s too much to do, the end goal may seem too far away, the action steps may feel totally unclear.  It’s really important that you break it down.  I would have never lost 6 & 1/2 stone if I’d have focused on having 6 & 1/2 stone to lose.  I lost weight by looking at what I could do each day and each week to look after myself better.  Mini targets and small steps help you to get started and to keep going. 

3️⃣  Don’t rely on motivation, motivation is as fickle as a pre-teen crush! It will be fleeting and will show up as and when it feels like it.  Make some things non-negogitable, things that you will do without giving thought to ~ like putting out the bins each week or feeding the kids/pet. 

4️⃣  Yeah, we might be taking it step by step but very quickly you will see improvements in your mood & energy levels if you aren’t making it a slog.  Don’t fall into eating the same amount of food as a toddler because that will simply make you miserable.

5️⃣  You don’t have to do it alone (because you’re certainly not alone in how you feel), grab the free resources you fancy below and check out Kickstarter Catalyst for some help along the way.  

Free Resources

Free E-Book

Change is a certainty in this world and you can either be a passenger to the changes that occur or you can get hold of life by the scruff of the neck and make the changes you want to see.  


Change never need be hard or complicated or a slog, it should be an adventure and fun, this guide shows you how to create change on your terms! 

Free Checklist

There’s nothing worse than feeling constantly exhausted.  You very quickly get into the Catch 22 where you know you need to make changes but you’re too tired to even contemplate the changes you need to make.  

This Checklist takes you through the easy actionables you can implement with ease to optimise your energy…

Boss Your Breakthroughs

A free mini programme designed just for you to be in a position to start to make those breakthroughs, we dive into apathy, disengagement, dissecting your dialogue, dealing with overwhelming and working out exactly where to start.  

Instant access….


Want some help to find you again?

Check out My Kickstarter Catalyst  Programme that focuses on creating a sustainable and lasting transformation in your world & leaves you full of energy and re-ignites that zest for life. 

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