We can choose the way we look at everything.

It’s entirely in our hands ALL of the time.

I have said before that I’m not a glass half empty kinda girl, on reflection I’m probably not a glass half full kinda girl either.  While you have been busy procrastinating and discussion whether your glass is half full or half empty I have finished my drink and gone and got a refill.

I like to take a pragmatic approach to most things and look for solutions rather than be consumed by the problems.  We can get stuck when our eyes focus on problems and not solutions. It means that we aren’t seeing the obvious paths that may be laid right in front of our faces.  Take being stuck about making a certain investment in your business for example.  I have seen so many times people say things like “I wish I could invest in that piece of software” or “I wish I could afford that coaching or that programme.”  Wishing ain’t gonna make it happen on it’s own.  Yup, it’s fab that you have a want and a desire and the law of attraction can help you make that happen but you have to take action too.  The issue here is 2 fold; 1) what can you do in order to bring the funds together that you need to move forwards 2) can you afford NOT to take that step.

Attitude isn’t just important in the making of decisions in your business BUT it’s fundamental to the day to day running of your business.

The energy & attitude that you put into everything shines through!

The Henry Ford Quote sums it up well

“whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Ummmmm, indeed it’s true.  It’s SOOOOOOOO important that you aren’t setting yourself up to fail.  Whether it’s the internal chatter or the external chatter that’s telling you that you WILL NEVER be able to build this business or who do you think you are for even having a glimmer of building a business around your passion then that self talk will sabotage your chances of success.

  • Coming from a negative place will reflect in all that you do.
  • Everything will become MASSIVELY exhausting.
  • Your desperation will shine in what you do.
  • Your funk will be evident in the content you create
  • Your negativity will be palpable
  • You won’t be able to muster up joy or excitment over anything at all

Let’s look at it more from the perspective of the Roald Dahl quote

“if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams”

It’s dead easy for me to start chomping on about positivity but when your back is against the wall then it isn’t like you just gotta switch over a tap.  I have been in that position and I know how it feels.  It’s hard to be positive when you’re worried about paying bills and whether or not you are going to be able to get the food shopping this week.  I get it!  BUT it’s also hard to build a business from a place of negativity.

You need to make sure you spend time on the following;

  • gratitude (look at what you ARE grateful for in life and in business)
  • seek out support (you don’t have to do this on your own)
  • keep your eyes open for opportunities (when you are negative doors close, when you are excited & positive about the future then doors swing open)
  • come from a place of giving (immerse yourself in helping as many people as you possibly can)
  • look at ways that you can rather than focusing on the “can’ts”
  • start to enjoy your work again (you have permission)
  • smile
  • look after yourself
  • be brave

So, if you are in a funk then step away from business for a little while.  It might take 10 min, it might take a couple of hours, a day or a couple of days.  Re-connect with your purpose and re-spark your fire.  If you stay at the coal face you’ll not be doing anyone any favours!