You beaver away and build that email list.

You think you’re ticking all the boxes and doing all the stuff you ought to be BUT you’re feeling a little bit disheartened.

The FIRST thing I want to say is that if you are building an email list and aren’t sending any emails whatsoever then that’s a complete waste.  It’s such a shame that people have signed up to hear from you and then don’t hear from you (yup, I’m not shying away from walloping on the guilt on this one).  A newsletter doesn’t have to be a HUGE deal.  It can be a little update note, you can send them a copy of your blog, you can even re-use content that you’ve shared previously on Social Media.

Please, please, please – if you have an email list make sure you are keeping in touch with them.  If you’ve not sent an email for a little while then make THIS WEEK the week that you do!

Anyhaps, back to the matter in hand.

You get disheartened because you feel that you’ve taken the time, effort & energy to build this list.  You’ve started to send a newsletter and whilst initially that open rate was doing ok very quickly it started to decline.

Less eyes are getting on your newsletter.

You feel frustrated.

Let’s dive into it……

What Are Open Rates All About?

They are the number of people who are actually opening your email when it hits their inbox.

In a perfect world we would get 100% of people who are on our email lists opening those bad boys and getting their eyes on the content therein BUT that’s not what happens unfortunately.

Some of the key points to be aware of are;

➡️ The longer you are in business the more people have been on your list for some considerable time.  Now, that’s NOT a bad thing for those who are invested and wanna hear from you BUT it will mean that you have some email addresses on your list that people simply don’t use anymore or you’ll have people on your list that no longer require your support (for whatever reason) and haven’t unsubscribed yet.

➡️The more free resources you’ve promoted the more diverse your crowd on your list might be

➡️ If you are inconsistent sending your newsletter than your crowd might not be looking forward to it or even recognise it when it hits their inbox

➡️ You’ve got to make sure you’re using snappy (but not spammy) titles for your emails that make people want to get involved and take that little click

➡️ You need to be a student of your audience and their potential daily routines and try different times and days for sending your newsletter.  Do your crowd check their emails regularly?  Do they have time to read a lengthy email when they are heading out of the door on a morning?  Are they likely to pick up their emails in their lunch hour/on an evening or at the weekend?  Test some options and see if it has any impact on your open rate.

➡️ Take a look back in your stats from the past and see if you can see any patterns of behaviour?  What can you learn from the titles that did well?  What can you learn from those that weren’t opened by as many?

Now, when I speak to lots of my gorgeous Rockstars about open rates they usually pull a face of discomfort and tell me that they are disappointed with their open rate (actually, they usually tell me it’s shit).  The reality is that usually it’s ABOVE INDUSTRY AVERAGE 😱which comes as a welcome relief to them.

Mailchimp have a fabulous chat that shows you the industry average open rate for various sectors……

When we are being subjective and all judgey on our own asses we can believe that we are a big fail BUT the reality is that (dependant on your crowd) people’s inboxes are busy & precious and if I were to ask you how many unopened emails you have in your inbox I reckon that a lot of you would have 3 and 4 figures worth.

I’d love to know in the comments – your current open rate and how many emails you have, sat unread, in your inbox right now 😱😂

In the meantime, one of the things that you can do is make sure your newsletter is absolutely hitting the high notes and something that your crowd look forward to getting their hands on and reading….


Happy Newsletter writing!

Do make sure you’re using this method of communicating with your crowd because if they’ve signed up to hear from you then they deserve to hear from you.

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