Who am I even writing this for?  LinkedIn users?  LinkedIn refusers?  Well, actually, both.

I feel that LinkedIn is a platform of huge extremes – you are either a fan OR you’re NOT.  A platform that cultivates a view either way. I rarely come across people who tell that they think LinkedIn is ok.

For lots of people they feel like LinkedIn is a club that they don’t belong to.  I hear people telling me it feels sleezy and icky and that it has an air of elitism and politics around it.

Most of my Rockstars also feel that LinkedIn is somewhere they feel;

➡️ out of their depth

➡️ a lack of understanding as to how it really works

➡️liable to being judged

➡️ like they’ll mess up

➡️ like they’ll get it wrong

➡️ full of corporates

Traditionally LinkedIn has been seen as a more “grown up” social media platform with some people even recoiling at it being called “social media.”  I understand why lots of people resist it in many way but let’s look at how we can combat that and how you can make a decision as to whether LinkedIn is a fab addition to your marketing or whether you wanna steer well clear (and any elements of knobbery to look out for whilst you’re on there – every platform has knobbery, more of that later).

Do I Belong There? 

The answer to that is that it’s pretty much up to you.

You can belong wherever you decide to belong wherever you lay your hat (in the words of Paul Young).

The first thing to consider is that if you have or add LinkedIn to your platforms of presence within your business is it a primary focus platform or a secondary focus platform.  Primary focus platforms are the places you hang out on a regular basis, interacting and engaging.  A secondary focus platform may be more around having a presence at the occasional interaction.

To get anything out of any Social Media platform you NEED to be active rather than passive.  Gone are the days where you can set and forget your Social Media and expect magical things to happen.  It’s something to be involved in rather than an automated broadcasting stream.   BUT the primary and secondary focus is based on looking at how you spend your time across a week.

I always say that you should take into account;

➡️ where you enjoy hanging out

➡️ where your crowd are likely to hang out

➡️the time you have available for social media

➡️ the purpose of your presence on the platform.

Do I Need To Show Up In Any Particular Way?

Right – LinkedIn Knobbery #1 – you will occasionally see people saying things like “they do know this isn’t Facebook don’t they?!”  Ah fuck off.   OR “this is a professional platform” Yup, whatevs 🙄

One of the biggest blocks that people have for using LinkedIn in their marketing is that kinda judgey approach and the fact that they feel that they will get it wrong.

I know that each individual social media platform has it’s own personality but I also, wholeheartedly, believe that you shouldn’t change yours in order to suit it.   It’s perhaps a bit of a Greatest Showman ~ This is Me moment.

My view is (and I’m sure many will disagree) that you need to show up in your truth, in your light and ON purpose (in every sense of those last 2 words).  I would hate to thing that someone got a super corporate polished image of me in LinkedIn whereas in fact I’m super normal, approachable, friendly and without my head up my bottom.  If you wanna work with a slick, schmoozer them I’m not for you.  I’d be wasting both of our time.

Every platform has some element of knobbery that needs to be ignored (I’ll talk about that before the article is out), in this instance – stand in your power, be yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.

The people of LinkedIn absolutely do have opinions BUT there are lots of valid ones, good convos and GENUINELY nice people on there.

How To Behave 

Exactly as you would normally is the answer to this one (unless of course you’re a knob then we will have to change that slightly 😂🙈).

LinkedIn is seen as a “networking” kinda platform and, like I’ve said, with all platforms it’s now about being active rather than being passive.  It’s time to get involved in the conversation and be pro-active within the platform.

When I was writing this article I asked my gorgeous Rockstars on other platforms (LinkedIn aside) what they felt about LinkedIn and here’s what came forwards…

People who connect with you and within minutes they are in your inboxes with MLM opportunities 

This is a HUGE resistant for lots of people – being bombarded with opportunities and unsolicited advice.  I hear you.  I think it’s a funny one and reminds me of being at school – the minority are going to spoil it for everyone else.  The inbox is a fab place to grow relationships but being clenched that it’s another “opportunity” coming your way means that you avoid it hugely.

Equally, you don’t wanna use the inbox because so many people use it so badly.

Some people will always seek to do the whole cold calling kinda marketing strategy and they’ll tell you it works.  That’s what they do, that’s what they’ve been taught to do and whilst exhausting it’s the thing that brings them some level of work.

It doesn’t have to be that way BUT I’m not here to try to convert these people.

Remember that you can just say “it’s not for me thanks” and move on.  Don’t get sucked in to conversations if your gut is shouting NOOOOOOOOOOOOO loud and clear to you.

As you interact with people then be genuinely curious and seek to build a relationship rather than seeking the sale.  It’s about the desire to connect rather than the quick buck.

Random Connection Request 

Yup, this seems to be one on lots of people’s radars over on LinkedIn.  Again, this is sometimes people who are seeking to create the connection in order to simply sell to you or it’s people who are going through suggested contacts and simply clicking to connect.  Both are a little lazy I suppose.

If you’re seeking to connect with people and don’t know them already then add a little message with the connection request – have you seen their article and loved it, do you have people in common and want to grow your network, do they inspire you?  A little note can make all the difference (and I sometimes add “I’ve nothing to push your way and won’t appear in your inbox immediately with an opportunity” as I do like to include a little reassurance and my personality in there too).

You don’t have to accept any connections that you don’t get.  Refusing connections is ok.  Again, trust your gut, take a look at their profile and make an decision for you, not based on the fear of declining a connection and potentially offending or missing out on something.



p.s. there’s also a fab guest article on the site from the lovely Beckie Coupe that you might want to get your teeth into too…

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