The Benefits Of A YouTube Channel For Your Business

Let’s start with a super quick synopsis of the benefits of having a YouTube Channel for your business; 

  1. YouTube is a search engine, allowing more people to find your content 
  2. A super easy to navigate platform both as the producer of content and a user 
  3. It’s a way to get your content in front of new people for free 
  4. It’s a way to serve the pants off your existing crowd 
  5. Your Content has longevity, most social media has a VERY limited life span for your content (making it feel quick disposable if you don’t re-use and recycle effectively) 
  6. It’s a way for you to re-use content you’re already creating 
  7. It can drive traffic to your website 
  8. It can support your list building 
  9. It’s great for “know, like & trust” 
  10. You can produce content that has multiple uses. 

Let’s Get Down To The Deets….

Let’s start with the big question; 

Is it worth starting a YouTube Channel for my business? 

Want the quick answer?  It’s YES! 

YouTube is the second most used search engine world wide.  A search engine is where people go in looking for the things that they want to consume, where they seek the answers to their questions, where they are looking for content on subjects of interest to them.  It’s only out done by Google  and is also part of the Google family (hence being so bloody epic at being a search engine). 

What does that mean to you? 

1️⃣  It means that people are heading off to YouTube and looking for content on your topic and asking questions that you could be answering.  

2️⃣ Taking that one step further, YouTube are actually also recommended content to people about subjects that they are interested in – therefore you could be being recommended to people who are already raising their hand to say that they are interested in your topic(s). 

Let’s get that down to one sentence It helps new people find your content FOR FREE! 

 So, in essence, it’s a FREE way to get in front of new people. 

NOT ONLY THAT but it’s also a new way to serve your existing crowd with new content – perhaps in a different format to that which you regularly share right now or in a way that might be easier for them to consume. 

The content that you are producing for YouTube has longevity.  What does that mean?  It means that the production of that content is a gift that keeps on giving.   The content you put out on most Social Media platforms has a life span of less than 2 days usually, you’ve produced it and it’s disappeared into the ether somewhere between minutes after it’s posted to 48 hours (unless it becomes a viral post).  If you’re not recycling and reusing your posts effectively then your content is disposable…


No one wants to feels like they are putting hours and hours into the creation of content for it to be effectively like a newspaper.  Creating great evergreen (something that isn’t specific to a certain timespan/isn’t simply topical) on YouTube will create content that can continue to serve your business long after you’ve produced it. 

If you’re clever in the production of your content it can absolutely create conversion and therefore bring you new customers and more cash! 

Build that channel and you can also open the doors to an additional income through ads revenue on your videos. 

Is it a great place to be with your business?  My answer would be absolutely YES! 

Not Sure Where To Start? 

Want Some Help Starting?

In the Supernova Growth Capsule we are going through, step by step, exactly what it takes to optimise your presence on YouTube, creating content with ease and making sure you’re nailing your YouTube channel and content creation! 

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