Make a gazillion pounds a minute whilst your business runs on auto pilot.

Work less, earn more.

Exit strategy

Blah, blah, blah!

So is it?

Is it what you really want? 

You are probably sometimes seduced into it by the marketing, by notion that you can make more money and let’s be honest that’s always an appealing option.  We run a business to make money.  There’s more to us than that but the whole point of the business is making the money – right?! RIGHT! Without the money the mission can’t continue, you need to be in a place of fair exchange with yourself, with your audience and with the Universe.  You need to be able to pay the bills and look after the other stuff without panic.  If you’re not able to do that stuff then fear sets in.  You can’t serve from a place of fear or lack.  You can’t be the very best help and support that your crowd need if you are back against the wall and fretting about the finances.

It’s ok to wanna focus on the money as you set sail, it’s important that you look after the money at every stage in your business but it’s not the only motivation for you.  I get that!

I was being interviewed for a business programme I didn’t want to join but I was interested in the process and I wanted to know a little more, perhaps it would be right for me – be open to possibilities and all that! But I was asked a couple of things that left me a little uncomfortable – who in my arena was I most like?  who did I aspire to be like? Eeeeerrrrrmmmm, no-one.  I’m not 15 and I’m not going to sit and compare myself to the other kids.  I don’t need to be like anyone other than myself! Second one – what’s your exit strategy? how are you going to reduce the time you spending working? how are you going to get out?  Eeeeerrrrrmmmmmm – I don’t want to!

Whilst my little boy declared the other day that he was after a holiday home in Marbs and I suppose it wouldn’t be a shabby option, this isn’t about kicking back and just making money willy nilly.  Yup, I love a bit of leveraged income as much as the next person BUT my biggest joy comes from the difference I can make, the help and support I can give, the light I can hold and direct my Rockstars the path ahead. Yup that path ain’t always smooth or without bloody stones to trip you up BUT that’s what floats my boat, brings me joy and makes my heart sing.

I’m not in for the out.

I’m not hear for the spiel of the marketeers.

What is it about? 

Not wasting time and making the time that you spend working on your business absolutely bloomin priceless.

Leveraging your time in order to help more people, not necessarily (but not ruling it out for short periods) laying on the beach at Marbs.

Not running my business on auto pilot, this ain’t the one size fits all arena. No soulless funnels and sales snatching allowed.

How about you?