I have a little passion spot for helping spiritual businesses to supercharge their business.  It’s all about the fact that there’s a super ripple that we can create together.  If I can help you to move your spiritual business forwards then you can reach, help & support more people ~ change their worlds and change your world.  Those people then go on to help more people and before we know it there’s a ripple of epic-ness that’s hit the world.

I know that when people run Spiritual Businesses they have often come to it because it’s their soul’s purpose, a calling BUT they feel less than businessey ~ they feel like they don’t have a “proper business.”  Their love & passion is totally wrapped up in what they do and the last thing they want to do is create a BIG OLD BEAST.  I’ve touched on that one before when I talked about the fear surrounding taking something you love and turning it into something you loathe by adding that business/official feeling element to it (>>if you wanna read that one then take a little click here<<) 

I wanna go through some of the things that often come up for spiritual business owners and help you to navigate your way through them;

Do I Have To Be A Knob To Make It A Success

I see lots of people in a massive amount of resistance to putting their business out there in a big way because they feel that turning their spirituality/spiritual skill set or gifts into a business will change the way that they view their passions BUT ALSO that it will change them.  They look on & see “successful” business owners ~ whether in the spiritual sector or other sectors ~ doing their thing and their thing makes them feel deeply uncomfortable.

⛔️ Business is about being boastful & showboating ~ it doesn’t have to be

⛔️ Business is about icky tactics & strategies that force people into purchasing from you ~ it doesn’t have to be

⛔️ To be a business owner you have to be cut throat ~ you don’t have to be, business doesn’t have to be at ANY cost.

⛔️ Business is all about money ~ it doesn’t have to be, money is important in business because it keeps you in fair exchange and you need to be making money in order to help more people BUT it doesn’t have to be your primary consideration.

You can make your own rules in your business.  Yes, there’ll be times when you’ll feel a little uncomfortable and you’ll be stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone ~ growth always comes with a few growing pains BUT it’s doesn’t have to be underhand, icky, deceitful, dishonest or lacking in morality.

I’m Not Business Minded

I hear this one A LOT from spiritual entrepreneurs and I totally get it.  You have an amazing skill/gift BUT you’ve never been businessey.  Business isn’t something that has to be in your DNA.  Business isn’t something you just KNOW how to do.  Business can be intuitive and business can be filled with ease, flow & grace BUT you can also learn a whole stack of small steps that will help you to elevate your business and this will, in turn, allow you to reach & serve more people.

Business is a series of steps.

You can learn the elements that matter to you.

Tech is a series of steps, yup ~ it often feels like the big beast standing between you & the promised land BUT AGAIN it’s a series of small steps that you can learn and implement.

How Woo Is Too Woo?

Am I too Woo Woo?  I know that people fear judgement and they fear what others will think of them.  They fear taking those first steps and are clenched, waiting for the negativity to come their way.   Chances are that people are too busy judging themselves to be worried about judging you.

When you are looking at the things that you want to share with the world ~ you are not too much.  You may be too much for some people but that’s about their preferences and position rather than your message.

It’s important that you realise that you won’t be for everyone and that’s SUPER OK.

I love the Abraham Hicks quote on this one…

As you look to develop your business you will be looking to attract the people who are perfect for the message you have to share.  You will fit together like a lost jigsaw piece to complete a little picture.

You’re not looking to persuade people to like you, you are looking to align with those who are open to hearing your message.

I’m Scared

It’s ok! I pinky promise.  Setting off on any new journey can be scary.  I have found, from working with STACKS of spiritual entrepreneurs that the majority feel scared from time to time.  That it feels overwhelming and HUGE.  It feels like there’s something that you can be judged for, something you can fail at, something that might be too much, not good enough ~ the list could go on & on.  I also know that when the MISSION is BIGGER than the FEAR ~ that’s when magic starts to happen.

I Don’t Know Where To Start

You start where you are.  I know that that sounds obvious but the first thing I’d always say is to accept where you are right now.   No feeling bad that you’re not further ahead or that you’ve not got your shit together already.  Start exactly where you are.

I can help you to get your foundations and base solid and firm.  I can help you to overcome your fears and overwhelm.  I can help you, along with a gang of other spiritual entrepreneurs to start to make this a reality RIGHT NOW.   The doors to Spooky School are now OPEN! If you’ve resonated with the message in this article then I’d ask that you take a little look at the information, have a read through & see if it’s for you >>click here to find out more<<

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