It’s easy for me!

Let’s dive into this one…

➡️  It’s easy for me to say move your ass.

➡️  It’s easy for me to say you’ve got to commit and do it.

➡️  It’s easy for me to say that ditching weight is completely do-able and achievable and doesn’t have to be full of deprivation. 

➡️  It’s easy for me to say back yourself. It’s easy for me to take up running because my husband and father run.

NOPE 👎 that’s a story!

So let’s dive into my story for a moment.  In 2019 I lost 6 & 1/2 stone.  I lost 6 1/2 stone because I decided that I was going to give myself an opportunity to live beyond the uncomfort that I was experiencing at that time.  

Now, don’t get me wrong.  My life was GOOD.  I have a gorgeous family, a super supportive husband, a nice house, a knob dog, a business I love and in every way life was dandy-do.  

The reality was the vessel that I found myself in had suffered from years of neglect.  I’d lost me, I’d lost who I was, I was “ok” but I was also uncomfortable on a daily basis.  I couldn’t climb to my own bedroom without being tired.  I would avoid taking the dog out for a walk because I was permanently exhausted.  I’d get up tired, I’d go to bed tired.  In the summer I’d be sweaty and uncomfortable.  I didn’t have the energy to engage in much.  

I knew things had to change. 

I knew I needed to back myself. 

I knew I needed to give myself an opportunity to be all in in order to live full out.  

So, let’s go with that one again – surely it’s easy for me….

😕  It wasn’t easy peasy for me to do that 6 & 1/2 stone overweight with evidence that I usually started and gave up.

😕 It wasn’t easy for me when I felt uncomfortable and so unfit that I’d be out of breath getting to my own bedroom.

😕 It was so easy for me that I ran at night (or shuffle along) so that no-one could see me.

Particularly in terms of an exercise habit and implementing changes then perhaps it would be easy for me on the basis that my husband runs & my father is a runner. 

True or untrue? 

In 2019 when I started this my husband wasn’t a consistent runner. His runner started simultaneously. He challenged himself to run every day that year as I challenged me to back myself.

My Dad has run since I was 4. His running didn’t stop me getting overweight so it didn’t make me ditch the weight either.

The judgement of a story in the chapter you rocked up in is common.

I want you to know I’m never coming down from the mountains. I created and curate the environment and mindset I needed to make changes happen. I had a good strong word with myself. I decided what I wanted and said no to everything that wasn’t that.

See that effort on my face in the picture above – I did that 🙌

Always curate rather than weight (see what I did there 😂😂😂).

Are You Ready To Back You? 

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