Well, well, well – I kinda thought that it was about time I popped my hand up and was the subject of the interview rather than the host for a change.

I spend time each week interviewing gorgeous Rockstars on Rockstar TV but now it’s my turn.  The gorgeous Sarah Cornforth, my wing woman, took the role as hostess with the mostest and put the questions to me.  I’d not seen the questions in advance as I wanted the interview to be exactly the same as I expect from my Rockstars and I didn’t wanna plan the ass off the answers.

Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy because we are talking guilty pleasures, TV, what I do in my downtime, my productivity, the lessons I brought from corporate life into my business, being a mum in biz (#juggling), the evolution of my brand and the future….


I’d love to know your thoughts on the interview or any questions you have for the next time we do this, pop them in the comments below!