I seem to be dealing with Social Media knobbery one platform at a time 🙈😂

Today, I talking about Instagram – lots of my gorgeous Rockstars find Instagram frustrating, a combination of bots/fake engagement and a whole bunch of followers/unfollowers makes it feel frustrating to get any traction with.

Coupled with the pictures of pouts, gym mirror selfies and “look at my amazing lunch” there seems to be a whole layer of knobbery and a feeling that everyone has the perfect existence other than you.

BUT, what’s it really all about?

I’m not one for a whole shed load of facts but other people are pretty good at that shit….

So, is Instagram all pouts and palaver?

Instagram is owned by Facebook it is a visual platform where you can share images.

Is it really all fake engagement and bots?

I wanna dive a little bit deeper because the last thing I want is for you to feel like you should be on Instagram but be hugely resistant to it because of the random automated comments and what can feel like a lack of meaningful engagement.  I know that lots of my Rockstars feel that they get caught up in the vanity of the numbers over there AND get stuck in comparison.

It is a platform where it’s ridiculously easy to find some sleaze pot trying to sell you a whole heap of likes and engagement.  They somethings even make it sound really lovely and non-icky.  It’s easy to fall for on a platform that sometimes feels dominated by influencers, the quest for the tick and the desperation for the swipe up feature on stories (this is a feature to be allowed to include a link in your Instagram stories which you currently have to have 10,000 followers to receive).

People seek to become INSTA-FAMOUS.

You want to decide whether it’s a platform worth bothering with in your business.

The stats speak for themselves in that only Facebook and YouTube are achieving more traffic than Instagram.  I’d take the peacocking around that they are the most engaged platform with a pinch of salt as currently there seems to be a lot of bots creating that engagement.

It’s absolutely POSSIBLE for you to use it in your business though, there’s an audience using the space and there’s the potential for you to make a little home for yourself on there.

Increasingly people are telling me that they prefer to be user of Instagram than Facebook so the potential for you to reach your audience may be increasing all the time.

Here’s some stuff you need to ask yourself first;


Are your crowd hanging out there?


Are you comfortable there?


Will it be a primary or secondary platform in your business?


Are you happy creating stories through visuals and words?


✔️  You can open your Instagram Account in your business name.

✔️  I would suggest that you use a picture of yourself as the profile picture.

✔️  Use emojis – they love that stuff on Instagram

✔️  Use hashtags (shout up if you need to know more about this one).

✔️ Create Instagram Images on Canva (again, give me a shout if you need more help with this one)

✔️  Use up to 30 hashtags with each image you post.

✔️  The platform runs predominantly from the mobile app.

✔️  You can pre-schedule your Instagram posts on Planoly  (you can find more information about Planoly here >>click<<)

✔️  You have space for 1 hyper link in your profile (and links in your posts do not become hyperlinked) so use that link well.  I use a page on my website to send people to from Instagram >>more details on that here<<

✔️ You can change the url so experiment with the best place to send them (the homepage of your site, your freebies, your blogs etc) – also check out the video in the point above 😉

✔️  Like everything else it takes a little practice but then it becomes second nature.

✔️  Search your hashtags to find people of similar interests to follow

✔️  Watch out for Insta Spam – there seems to be an active community of spammers on Instagram so delete those spammy comments from your posts OR if you’re me enjoy a little game of trying to get them to chat back to you.

✔️  Share bright, eye-catching images that your crowd will love (make sure they are royalty free images)

✔️  Don’t be afraid of the filters

✔️  Make sure that any text you pop on your images can be read via a mobile device (i.e. it’s not too small or in front of a busy background – it’s never a good look to have to pull the squinty eyes to read).

✔️  Experiment with the times you post and the type of content

✔️ Remember that it needs to have a business objective and that might be to create and nurture relationships

✔️ Source some fab quotes to use on your images

✔️ Don’t be afraid to share photos you have taken

✔️ People love a sneaky peek behind the scenes

✔️ Instagram can be a nirvana of pretty images, don’t get sucked in.  Set a timer and interact for 10 minutes before moving away

✔️ Remember to showcase yourself, your biz & what you have to offer!

✔️ Use Instagram Ads (you can create these in your Facebook Ad Account) and that allows you to get a new clickable link within the ad!

So Does It All Need To Be Pouts?

So, the image that I did to pop with this blog is poking fun at some of the things that I know make peoples eyes roll on Instagram.  It’s the pout, the gym mirror selfie and pictures of food – particularly on days when you’ve struggled to get out of your jimjams, are no longer in any way inclined to pout in that provocative way and you’re food certainly isn’t Instagrammable.  Yup, there’s some knobbery and yup, people are “living their best lives” through their grid at times.


Pinky swear that you can still get your images seen without this whole filter of “is it instagramable?”

Use pictures you’ve taken yourself, use pictures from behind the scenes, create memes – here’s a little link to a blog by the gorgeous Vicki Nicolson who is part of #teamrockstar on the look and feel of different grids…

Ok, so let’s sum it up with some of the things that make Instagram feel like all pouts & palaver and what you can do about it;

General Fakery 

In at the top slot is the whole general fakery thang.  “My life is better than yours” AND the whole get rich/skinny/beautiful quick thang that seems to be very present there.

You have NO CONTROL of what others feel the platform is all about.  That’s there thang.  Unfollow them and cleanse your feed of the BS.  You don’t have to have an “instagrammable” life in order to use Instagram effectively for your business.  YES, it’s a visual platform but I’m sure you use visuals on other platforms too.

Be yourself, market/communicate in your own way and stand in your truth when it comes to the posts you deliver over on Instagram.

Egotistical Content 

See above 👆

Fake Engagement 

🙄 Yup, this could be by way of bot comments or by way of Instagram Pods.  Both are the whole eye roll kinda thing.  BUT I’ve taken to the bot content with a new light.  Instead of simply deleting bot comments I have comes to play a little game of occasionally popping in and attempting to engage them in conversation/calling them out.  Instead of the bot content making me angry I’ve decided to have fun with it instead.

The Instagram Pod/Forced Engagement kinda feel can be an ever present too.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then there’s a little video about it >>>click here to watch<<  Again, for me – stay in your own lane, if people want to do this kinda thing then it’s absolutely their call.  My view is that it can give false signals to the algorithm AND it’s got that icky “most popular” thing about it too.  Lots of people credit it as being their catalyst for growth but it’s not for me.


BORK 🙈 #thatisall

So, I hope we’ve created some little lightbulbs along the way in this article.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Instagram and how it works for you/why you resist it or if there’s any particular practices that annoy you.

In the meantime, here’s my view on whether or not LinkedIn is sleazy…..

Have an ace day

Big Love,

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