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I know that there are times in biz when your inspiration seems to escape you AND the whole mojo disappears without a trace.

Perhaps a “Wanted – Reward Available” kinda poster for your mojo is the only creative activity that springs to mind BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.  I have brought this page together so that you never feel lost with inspo again.

Dive In (when you need it) – Bookmark It (to come back to) | Share It On Your Social Media (so you can find it when you need it)


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Emma Holmes

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How Do You Balance Up The Stuff You Give Away & The Stuff You Keep? 

Ok so, if you are helping other people to do a similar thing to that that thing you do then you can get into a quandary about the ideas you give away and the stuff you keep for your business. I remember encountering that quandary in the early days and feeling like whenever I got down to my own work I’d effectively handed all of my inspiration away and popped it directly into other people’s businesses.

How did I get beyond that?

 know that your idea stream doesn’t run dry (unless you try to chase it or force it)

know that you will start to tap into the business you work with, the personality of that business and the energy within the business and make suggestions and provide inspiration on that basis. You won’t roll out the same advice over and over again. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

help your clients to execute things in their way and provide them with the confidence to make things their own.

have dedicated time to work ON your business too

capture thought threads and ideas when they come to you.

if a particularly amazing idea comes to you that you share with a client then encourage them to use it. Only this week I’ve said “that’s gold – you have 7 days to use it or I will” 

Behind The Scenes

Wanna get a little look at some of the stuff that happens behind the scenes here at Rockstar HQ…..

Why I Don’t Want My Assistant To Work With Me In 2018

Well, well, well!! I don't want my assistant to work with me in 2018.  I want a someone new to take the mantle of Chief Looker Afterer Of Emma in 2018 and to be a prominent part of #teamrockstars. Why? What did she do? NOTHING! Now, this isn't a post saying "my...

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 5 Ideas For Social Media Posts This Week 

 Spread A Little Love, Motivation Or Inspiration

There’s lots of energy drains in the world and on social media – often a scoot down your social media timeline can leave you feeling a little flat (if that’s you then I’m suggesting that you also unfollow some of those pages/people that are getting into your timeline and energy field) SO what could you share with your crowd this week that’s uplifting? It could be success stories, it could be motivational quotes, it could be self care ideas that would work for your crowd. Think about how you could be the reason someone smiles, get’s something done or makes a change this week.

 Get Ya Tips Out

Give your crowd your BIGGEST tip. Inspire them to take action, give them some little shortcuts to where they want to go and little points that would be actionable in their world right now.


In the UK we LOVE to talk about the weather  BUT seasons are always a great source of inspiration, look outside think about

spring is all about re-birth and re-growth.  It always feels super hopeful and full of positive change.

summer there’s loads of colour in the world and there’s a new energy – how can you use that inspiration in your social media this week?

Autumn comes at the end of summer and there’s lots of evidence of nature letting go, gorgeous colours, the fact that in nature it’s ok not to bloom all of the time, shedding layers and hibernation.

Winter approaching? you could be getting a little more snuggly in your social!

 Get Engaged

It’s great to get your crowd talking to you, I love a good chat with my Rockstars (whether that’s in my Groups of here on the Facebook page). What can you ask your crowd? Questions need to be stuff that they can’t get wrong so that they don’t overthink it and shy away from answering. Good examples could be an intro thread, ask them where they are in the world, ask them about their lives, whether they have started Christmas shopping etc It doesn’t always have to be strictly business on your business Facebook Page. It’s important that you open conversation with your crowd.

Introduce You

When was the last time you introduced you, your passion and your business? We often do it once and forget to bring it forwards again. We will have had new people liked our pages since you last shared a little more about yourself – get out there and introduce you & your business again and remember that you need to make sure you are doing this regularly to allow people new to your platforms to get to know you.

Dive Into Some Success Stories & Be Inspired…

Case Study ~ Kate Spencer

I know that we are all inherently incredibly nosey and we like to see what others are doing and how they are doing it.  This can inspire us and whilst watching or reading about someone else's success it can also make it abundantly clear that actually we...

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Spiritual Business Inspiration

I've been joined by a few absolutely inspiration & gorgeous spiritual souls to talk about what building a business has meant to them and the lessons they've learned along the way.... Andrea Lancaster Kate Spencer   Trudie Core, Indigo...

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Be Like Kate – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

I have been working with Kate for about 2 ½ years now.  When I first started working with Kate, by her own admissions, she was petrified.  She had had an Ebay business reading cards and when Ebay closed down the metaphysical category overnight her income was gone. ...

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Be Like Karen – Be A Rockstar | Case Study

Be Like Karen – Be  A Rockstar I first met Karen when things felt like they were all going terribly wrong for her.  She had had a stack of stuff going on in her personal world and as a result her business wasn’t feeling in great shape. Her Ebay shop had closed and she...

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Be Like Vicki, Be A Rockstar | Case Study

Vicki Nicolson is the brands (and beauty) behind Branding Therapy.  When I first started working with Vicki she was absolutely doing ok BUT she knew that there was stacks more inside of her. Vicki is soooooooo creative.  She has a shit tonne (a real life metric...

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Hows About Some Free Stuff?

The Productivity Bible

I am super duper productive ~ it’s one of my superpowers! This productivity bible takes you through the key principles to help you to get a whole heap more productive in your own business….


Grab a little mini programme that will get you in the mood to improve your sales & selling.  For lots of Rockstars selling feels super duper scary BUT I promise it doesn’t need to be that way.

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Be A Whizz With Weekend Content

Are weekends different?  If you had asked me that during my corporate days then my answer would have been "HELL YEAH!!!"  In the later part of my career in corporate I was a lady who lived for the weekend (ok, I just the word lady loosely 😂)....

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Instagram ~ Pouts & Palaver?

I know that for lots of people they are really attracted to Instagram BUT have no idea where to start and it actually feels like a platform that's quite spammy and all those pouts 😱 It can feel like a bit of a palaver to learn a new platform and get it right. So let's...

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6 Ways To Keep Reach High & Engagement Hot

Unless you've been living in a cave you'll have seen lots of people twisting, scaremongering and generally being totally grumpy when it comes to Facebook Reach, Algorithms and whether the time investment on working on your Facebook Page is actually worth it. You'll...

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Are You Neglecting Yourself?

I know what it’s like to give lots of myself to other people. Do you know that feeling too? We all have many roles in our lives, don’t we? And nine times out of ten, we all seem to come right smack, bang bottom of the list. My family often laugh (and agree) with me...

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Look After Your Logs

I want to explain a little bit of an analogy I use A LOT!! It's all about the logs. So we are talking about placing logs on a fire here, see it through because it will make sense. Every day you get a number of logs that you can use.  Your logs are your TIME, EFFORT,...

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