You should NEVER feel bad about knowing that your business has more capacity and capability, that you are destine to build it to beyond where it is right now and that you have a fire in your belly to create something truly spectacular.  

Don’t Shrink Away From That Shit! 

It’s NOT selfish or unfair.  Because you’re doing “alright” or because others may look on and think that you should be content with the business you’ve built doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them.  You wanting to continue your business growth doesn’t take possibility and potential away from other people, it doesn’t make you greedy and for the love of all things it absolutely doesn’t make you selfish.   

You don’t need to dim your light because it’s shining in someone’s eyes and your growth and potential illuminates something within them that makes them uncomfortable.   

I know that there are occasions where people outgrow those around them.  Not in a mean way but they are simply on a different trajectory or one person is truly ready to embrace their dreams and the other isn’t.  Please never be held back because other’s aren’t ready to walkk the same path as you. 

I didn’t set out for this article to start in this way at all.  It’s all about taking your business to the next level and to do that with strategic, profound & powerful action BUT it seems that these words needs to commence that process just in case you need to hear them. 

Another one to add in before we get to the meat of this article is is that business growth often becomes part of this “more, more, more” thing.  I often similarise it to the seagulls on Finding Nemo and whilst they are shouting “mine, mine, mine” there often seems to be the game frantic and eeekkk energy that becomes associated with business growth.  That constant need for MORE, that feeling of never being able to be satisfied.  Like there’s a fight for the next thing.  There’s not.  


So What’s Incremental Up-levelling All About? 

It’s all about the positive and progressive growth of your business, done strategically with both the short term growth and longevity in mind.   

It’s a sustainable growth. 

It’s a growth strategy without the frantic energy, risk of burnout or overwhelming your ability to deliver at the highest possible standards. 

It’s about building a business that’s nourishing for you, the business, the clients and the bank balance. 

It’s NOT a quest for more at any cost.  It’s not about adding more to the point where the stability buckles. 

So, what does it even mean – it’s about building your business progressively, looking to the next level, creating stability and sustainability at that level and then taking the next step.  This is how I work with my clients to create HUGE leaps without the negative costs. 

Let me give you some real life examples; 

Rockstar A 

A gorgeous Rockstar came to be, she was ready, she was motivated, she was insanely talented (still is all those things) but she’d previously ended up in a position where she’d held her feet to the flame too long and had suffered with a wee bit of burnout and disillusion in business building.  She was prepared to put in the work to build from where she was and I met her right there.  At the point where we started working together she was making £217 per month.  She knew this was unsustainable, she was talented, she was ready to step back in but she had NO IDEA how best to wield her talents, skills & passions in order to achieve the outcomes and results she wanted (without returning to a confidence knocking burn out).   

We started her incremental growth plan by focusing on places where she could make a difference, she could move her business forwards reasonably quickly, she could prove to herself that she was still capable and able of doing her work and that she could get epic outcomes for her clients.   Very quickly that income was £2,000.00 per month. 

We created stability in that place, proved that she could manage that workload and started to look at the next steps (without them being rushed or full of frantic energy). 

We worked on a new income stream which she has now implemented and created a super successful launch around. 

She sent me a screenshot of more than £10k in her bank account the other day from this month’s sales. 

Taking each step, calibrating at each level and then progressing forth creates that magic!   

Rockstar B 

The next one who I’d like to showcase as an example came to me, she was doing ok! She was turning over a nice profit in her business every month but she knew that there was more capacity in there and that there were other income streams that were sidelined right now.   

She was concerned as she felt that she would need to choose between impact & income and it was VITAL for her that the impact she had with her clients was never ever compromised.   

Step by step we worked to create change.  Taking the business, in the space of less than a year to 100% growth without any impact being compromised.   

At each step there was a check in as to the systems in place and how each level of growth required different types of support and subtle tweaks in how things were done.   

Having these things come up is a continuum ~ new level, new devil – we have to navigate different stuff, both practically and in terms of mindset at each separate stage of growth.   

Rockstar C 

This little example is of a gorgeous entrepreneur who was absolutely ready, totally determined and an incredible expert in her field.   She knew that she needed a little outside help, a different perspective and support to navigate the growth of her business (practically, to run ideas by, to nail strategy, to support mindset, to be able to download & calibrate the things going on in her business and to ease the path to growth). 

It’s been a question of dial turns in pricing and turnover in her business.  Creating business targets, coupled with a growth plan, support with visibility (now hitting stacks of first entries in Google searches) and creating content with more impact.  We have continued to set those targets, then maintained that target for a number of months (so that there’s never a feeling that it’s a fluke/not repeatable or creates a clog in her continued growth and development) before then focusing on the next turn of the dial. 

MAGIC! Again, almost 100% business growth!  

What’s It Mean To You & Why Should You Care?

Well isn’t that lovely! 

Good for them! 

You’ve invested time in getting this far so why should you even care?

I know that the interwebby bombards you with messages and marketing that someone has the one secret or the one special thing that you need to create growth, the magic formula, the potion – that you can get these results in 3 days, you can work shorter and shorter hours, that the aim is passivity and that you should just invest a gazillion dolllars in this course otherwise you’ll be a big fail.  Instead I want you to know you already have the biggest asset to your business growth (you) and that you may just need a little support to unleash your epic in the most strategic way.  

It ain’t about one grandoise action. It’s small steps consistently taken. AND longevity & sustainability of your business growth is vital.  


 Don’t get into the cycle of growth, burn out, regression, growth 😉

You’ve got this (and if you need support to unleash it then I’m here, pop a quick note to me below…)

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