It’s ok! It’s ok to make the admission, you might not be prepared to make it outloud to anyone but I’ve got ya! It’s much more common than you think, despite the fact that every fucker on Social Media is professing to be a gazillionaire I can tell you that you are definitely NOT alone (and those shout about various trillion pound projects and launches aren’t always telling the truth 🙄😬). 

So, rather than feeling whacked out, all alone and like you’re the only one let’s do something about it.  Yup, it’s ok to feel the feels ~ from overwhelmed to feeling like you’re messing up and the only one who can’t seem to grasp it to frustration and angst EVERY ONE OF THOSE FEELINGS IS VALID and OK! But, we aren’t going to get stuck there.  I say “it’s ok to have mucky boots but we need to take them off so that they don’t leave dirty marks on the carpet.”



It’s time to get OBJECTIVE and have a good look at where you are right now.  I know that this isn’t the most comfortable of tasks but this knowledge absolutely gives you power. Back of the fag packet kinda calculations ain’t going to cut it.  

So, what do you need to know? 

1️⃣  Do your accounts – I know, I know, my least favourite task in the whole wide world (I even prefer to take the bins out and go to the hairdressers and I loathe both those activities 😂🙈) BUT knowing where you are in your business financially is crucial. 

2️⃣  What do you need?  Right now, in order to feel safe & comfortable what do you need to making in your business 

3️⃣  What’s the short fall right now. 

At this stage I don’t want you to get into your big goals for your business.  I’m all for a HUGE, GINORMOUS, INSPIRING goal although, right now, whilst you feel in the shit, it’s important that you can work towards your base camp before you plan your ascent! 



Sorry, it’s time for another honest assessment!

What’s going on right now in your business?  Have you been doing the work? Have you been showing up?  Are you visible?  Are you present?  I know that these can all be difficult things to nail and maintain but if right now you’re honest assessment is that you’ve been hiding, you’ve not been creating relationships with your audience, you’ve not been nuturing your crowd, you’ve NOT BEEN OFFERING THINGS FROM SALE then you might just have your diagnosis and solution right there. 

Sometimes it blind sides us and you’ll be amazed at how many people I talk to about making money and come to me because they feel that their sales prowess is failing them that have the epiphany that they actually haven’t been offering their thing for sale, they haven’t been talking about it, they haven’t highlighted the benefits, they haven’t addressed what might be stopping their crowd from buying it. 

In that moment they feel a little deflated BUT, AGAIN, knowledge is power and if it’s as easy as seeing that, for whatever reason, you simply haven’t been selling what you have to offer then you can turn things around. 

If you want some help with the whole sales, selling, launching and pricing malarkey then you can shimmy over here…


You might have read the last one and though “ack Holmesy, but I don’t know what to sell.”

It might be that you have stacks of products/services or it might be that you have no idea what you should be selling.  Let’s start with some questions to ask yourself…

If you do have products/services

1️⃣  Which product/service has the biggest margin within it?  I talk about “how many yeses do you need to achieve?”  What this means is in order to get towards your financial target how many units will you need to sell of a particular item.  For example, if you have a product that’s £10 and you have a products that’s £100 and you wanted to make £1,000 then you need 10 x yeses for the £100 product but 100 x yeses for the £10 product.

People often mistakenly believe that it’s easier to sell the £10 product so roll with that one but the quote goes “it’s as easy to sell a castle as it is to sell a button” (ok, the quote is manifest rather than sell but that’s cutting hairs!).

Think about the products “yes quota” as this will help you to use your time wisely.

2️⃣  Is there a product/service you have that you are particularly passionate about and LOVE! One that you get excited when you talk about it, you know it’s impactful and you know the difference it makes.  Is there one that comes to mind immediately?  If there is then chances are you will get behind a sales period for that one with much more gusto.

If you can bring both 1️⃣➕2️⃣ together then you know exactly where to focus your attention.

Perhaps you’ve read those two and actually thought well I don’t really have anything that’s going to hit those notes or that I actually love enough to get behind.  That’s ok, we can look at the “don’t have any products” now.


If you don’t know what to sell

Right, no need to panic at all, we can soon work this one out! 

Let’s take it step by step; 

1️⃣  Do a brain dump of all the things you could do to get the money flowing.  Now is NOT the time to filter it.  I want you to go wild in the aisle and write down absolutely every option open to you. 

2️⃣ Get rid of the ones that make you think “I’d rather poke forks in my eyes than do that.” 

3️⃣  Are there any that jump out at you that you are super passionate about or excited by?  If there’s something that’s totally shouting it you then that may well be the one.  Don’t overthink it, scope it out further and decide whether or not it has legs. 

4️⃣  If none are particularly shouting loudly then narrow it down.  You could even ask your crowd “I’m thinking of bringing these together (and then list them), is there any particular place you’d like me to start? I would list them as A, B, C, D options so that it’s easy for them to respond. 

5️⃣  If none of the above work then just fucking pick one! 😂😂😂 (you’re welcome to send me a little message or email if you need a hand 😉).  Indecision is a decision to stay stuck! 



In order to make money you need to get ready to going into a selling people.  Selling isn’t icky.  You’re simply offering your crowd the solution to their problems.

The things that you can start to get organised are; 

➡️  Your sales page (if you’ve already got one the review it, if you haven’t then write it and get it sorted) ~ you can find my Sales Page Checklist inside The Vault  (details are at the bottom of this article to get signed up!) 

➡️ Make sure it’s easy to buy from you. Take an objective look at your sales process and ensure that there’s not unnecessary steps in place or barriers to people purchasing. 

➡️  Write 3 different pieces of copy about your offering and create 3 different images (shout if you need a hand with this).  Each piece of text can go with each image so without a whole heap of slog you have 9 seperate sales posts. 


Every single post is the first post someone might see about the thing that you’re offering.  Don’t presume people have already seen you talk about it. 

If you need some extra ideas, help and support then hit up to the button above taking you to the sales and launching section or contact me! 

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