Re-Write Your Story With The

I’m A Flippin Rockstar ~ The Journal

Are you ready to re-write your own story?  Journaling is a massively powerful tool in business & it allows you to reboot your mindset, strategy and business plans.  There’s power in that pen.  This journal is going to help you to trust yourself (and throws the rules out of the window) when it comes to journaling.

There’s stacks of room to write, to journal/doodle, to capture ideas AND THEN process those ideas into action.  It’s important that your ideas and inspiration don’t merely take up pages in a notebook but that they are action and brought out in all their glory into the world.

There’s also some guidance to help you in the times when you get stuck.

You will get to dive into 400 pages to reset your story as well as access to the Journaling group to make sure that you are able to journal your way, be inspired with little thought points and thought threads and make the most of your fab new journal.

Ok, so if you are getting stuck in the whole 💭 hardback/paperback hardback/paperback 💭 thing, we thought we’d help you out!

Take a screenshot and see which one is destine for you…