Some how, inexplicably in all realms of logic but simeltaneously ridiculously justifiable inside my mind I’d hit pause.  I’d hit pause on life, I’d opted out, I’d found myself on the Jail square in Monopoly, people were taking turns all around, creating progress and momentum, throwing the dice but I was stuck on that grid.   

I wasn’t being forced to sit on that grid and that grid square wasn’t particularly uncomfortable in itself.  I was “ok.”  I was a functioning, grown up human who was fulfilling lots of roles in her life but I had one big excuse and story about why there was other stuff I couldn’t do. 

The one liner was…….

I’ll do it when I’ve lost some weight!  

I’ll buy new clothes, when I’ve lost some weight. 

I will start some exercise when I’ve lost some weight. 

I’ll book that thing when I’ve lost some weight. 

We can go here when I’ve lost some weight 

I will do the stuff I want to do when I’ve lost some wait. 

Waiting for Weight

A great big PAUSE button because I was waiting for the “lost some weight” thing to materialised.  

What I didn’t realise was that in order to lose some weight I needed to make some changes and embrace the things that I wanted to do.  I never to recognise that capacity & capabilities of my body and I needed to start to challenge & develop them and I wasn’t going to simply do it by leaving everything on hold until I lost some weight.  

Do we say that we will do it when we’ve lost some weight because we don’t value ourselves or believe we are worth the investment until that stage (and that investment doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be in the investment of our time, effort, energy & attention)? 

Do we say we will do it when we’ve lost weight becase we believe that we are currently incapable of doing the thing? 

Do we stay we will do it when we’ve lost weight because that will keep us safe and mean that we don’t need to create challenge or change in our world? 

Do we do it because we feel external judgement, laughter, criticism or indeed any attention being focused our way?  If we keep doing the same things then there’s no spike or spark for anyone to look this way?! 

Here’s The Thing…

There’s probably a whole heap of different reasons why do it, from stories we are feeding to ourselves, from external influence to internal chitter chatter.  The likelihood is that it’s kinda an easy out and then there’s no need to see whether we can or whether we can’t. 

Whether it’s something we want to do the first time or it’s something we want to re-introduce into our world it might be that right now we have no evidence of whether we can or can’t at this junction.  We have lost belief in our body and are probably incredibly judgemental of the vessel we call home. 

I don’t want you to feel that way.  I don’t want you to miss the photos with your family because you’ll take them when you lose some weight, I don’t want you not to enter that event because you’ll wait until you’ve ditched some weight or join the club or get involved with the actitivty of buy the dress. 

You are deserving of the whole plethra of life experience right now. 

You are worth the investment of your time, effort, energy & attention (as well as cash) 

You are capable of starting something new (and everyone starts as a beginner) 

You are able to reinstate things you used to do but again, don’t judge yourself against others and consider yourself starting out. 

You can do things and you can improve at things. 

Everyone starts somewhere.   

The start of any transformation is the decision to back yourself, even just a little bit.  Right now you might not have unwavering belief in yourself (you can always borrow that) but you can decide to start. 

Ask Yourself These Questions 

1️⃣  What am I missing out on with this stock internal response of “I’ll do it when I’ve lost some weight” 

2️⃣  Have I continually fed myself the same excuse to the same problem over a period of time and I’m still not doing the thing I want to do? 

3️⃣  What is it costing you (mentally, emotionally, phyiscally, in terms fo your mindset) to not do the thing? 

4️⃣  How would it feel to dip your toe in and do the thing?  

5️⃣  Is not doing the thing and feeding yourself the same story getting you any closer to doing the thing? 

We all start somewhere, doing the thing might support you’re transformation journey (which may include weight loss if you want it to) BUT simply feeding yourself the line of “I’ll do it when I’ve lost some weight” lights no catalyst whatsoever, it simply becomes a repeating mantra of stuck. 

Yeah, it might feel scary initially, you don’t need to be fearless to the do thing AND fear isn’t a negative emotion ~ it’s a heads up that you are moving out of that comfort zone a wee bit. 

Change doesn’t need to be hard, yeah ~ you need to know how to navigate it (you can grab the Change Matrix below where I help you to do just that and it’s free 😉). 

The quote from Goodwill Hunting goes “some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first” so I’m here to say I believe in you! 

If you need any support or guidance shout up in the contact form at the bottom of this post too… 

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Change is a certainty in this world and you can either be a passenger to the changes that occur or you can get hold of life by the scruff of the neck and make the changes you want to see.  


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My Sepsis Story

My Sepsis Story

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