If you’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you need to be working with Emma Holmes.

I came across Emma by chance, I was seeking recommendations for someone who could help me put together an online course and Emma (or the Launch Queen as she was known at the time) was recommended to me. If I remember rightly it was after 9pm and within minutes Emma had responded to my Facebook message asking if she could guide me. She gave me a freebie that detailed everything I needed to know! I couldn’t believe that A) this was free and B) how quick she responded to me. I liked her page and followed her ever since. That was December 2015!

In January 2016 Emma unveiled Coaching Rockstar’s, her new brand and I instantly related to the colour, the vibrancy and the fun her brand conveyed! She had a new course online, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even read the whole page, I was signed up in under 2 minutes’ flat! I knew I was going to learn what I needed to from this lady!

See let me explain, I’m a Spiritual Entrepreneur, I’m also a parent and I don’t have time. And because I don’t have time, my business was suffering in a big way. My Facebook page was at a standstill, I’m not even sure I had a mailing list and my website was pants! I had tried and failed to find a decent business coach, one that understood I have to do things that feel energetically good to me! Most of the traditional coaches I came across where all about the end result (money) and had no desire to understand why I wouldn’t just do 500 Angel Card Readings a month!

But that’s where Emma differs, she loves a bit of woo woo, she’s fun to watch and interact with and she spends time on getting to know you and what works for you! I’ve seen her do it hundreds of times over at this stage and she always cares about the human at the other side of the computer. She reminds us to take care of ourselves, our families and our mental health because business is bloody tough at times. Joining one of Emma’s groups is like reconciling with a group of friends you didn’t even know you had. We celebrate each other’s wins and we cheer each other up when we’re having a down day.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what working with Emma will bring to your business and I know I can tell you it will bring amazing things but I know some of you like the facts and figures.

So here goes – When I started on Emma’s programme, my Facebook page had 1,000 followers give or take. I was a year in business and bear in mind 245 of that figure are actual real life family and friends! Now on the 3rd of March 2017, I am at 3,432 followers. I had no mailing list when I joined, I now have a mailing list of 507. I didn’t have an online programme when I started with Emma, I now have 2 courses and 1 monthly club with plans for expansion and growth this year. I have a recurring monthly income from courses and clubs which I could have only dreamed of.  I go live on my Facebook page and enjoy it! One time my video even landed in front of 120,000 people! I would never have done that without Emma’s coaching.  I have a YouTube channel that has followers….little old me sitting at home at my desk in the kitchen who never thought such options were open to her!

With hand on heart I can say that if I hadn’t of followed Emma’s guidance my business would be closed by now. It’s tough, especially when you’re a spiritual entrepreneur. You want to do everything from a place of love and money, admin work, business in general can feel really, really icky at times.  Emma accelerated my growth and it’s given me the tools to cope with the icky side of business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a healer, a card reader, wanting to share crystal energy with the world or an essential oil enthusiast, Emma, will and does get you! You will never get the spiritual support from any other coach. You know you have something big to share and she does too and she will in the most loving way, make you share it!

Because of Emma, I have reached, helped and supported people that I would have never had access to before and that my friends, is priceless! There’s a saying I have that I wanted to share with you all before I go:

“When an angel lands opportunity at your door, you better take it quick because if you don’t they will bring it to someone else who will have all the success you asked the Angels for”

Love and Light,

Trudie Core,

Indigo Grace

I’m so pleased to be part of Trudie’s business journey and she truly makes me proud sooooo often.

p.s. If you’d like to take your business further then I wanna just let you know that the doors to Spooky School are opening really really soon! If you feel that you need a little more help and support on this one then please do pop your name on the wait list so that you are first to find out more….