Seeking the magic button……

Oh, that magic button!

The button is that #1 secret that everyone talks about, that way that you can make a gazillion, million, trillion dollars in 3.6 seconds working only 0.1 hour per week.  The one that will get you traction (nah – it’ll send you viral), the one that will CHA-CHING your bank account, the one that’ll leave you with a wait list longer than a really really long thing (my creativity failed me with something that was super long – oooooo, hang on – the Great Wall of China?!?).  You get the picture right? You know it’s not the truth BUT there’s always that fear of missing out.


You know what, you look on a see other people getting results, there’s a twinge of the green eyed monster BUT simultaneously there’s a fire lit deep inside your belly. You wanna know how they did that thing.  You want the insiders information.  You wanna get your hands on the damn magic button that they pressed.

You might feel the urge to get in touch with them.

You might start to pick through their Facebook Page or website looking for clues.

You might just get a little narky and feel a bit deflated that they seem to have it all going on and you just haven’t got your shit together.

However it makes you feel – it’s time to turn off the quests for the magic button.  It doesn’t exist.  There is NO MAGIC BUTTON and there’s no one size fits all strategy to fit multiple businesses and success leaves clues but never tells a full story.

I’m all for being inspired by what’s going out there in the big wide world BUT you mustn’t be on the constant quest for the answer.  Chances are, the answers all lie within.  You probably already know a lot of it and the gaps should be filled in a conscious way.

You need to stop wasting your time and effort, energy and attention on how others are making things happen and start to take action and take that good stuff and inject it directly into your own business.

I am a huge advocate of getting the right support, focus your learning (rather than picking up every webinar you can get your hands on and ending up increasingly confused as to where this magic button actually is), reach out for help and guidance but do so with discernment, take what you know and apply it in a way that feels right for you AND do everything in YOUR business, YOUR way, with YOUR crowd in mind!

So call off the search, tune in to what you already know, action the stuff that you’ve not actioned yet and get a supportive network around you (that way you have somewhere to bounce ideas around, ask for input and feel a whole less scattered).

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