Not everyone loves their business all of the time but I gotta say that 99.9% of the time my heart & soul is fully encapsulated in my business and I LOVE what I do.

I know from lots of Rockstars that the feedback that I get from working with them is that the work we’ve done together has allowed them to fall back in love with their businesses and allowed them to work with more flow and passion than they have ever worked with before.

So, what might it feel like to have fallen out of love with your business;

👉 You’re working TOO hard and it feels REALLY difficult to work on your business on a day to day basis.  Things are starting to feel forced and uncomfortable.

👉 You second guess absolutely everything

👉 You’re starting to have that Monday feeling

👉 You feel confused and unsure so much of the time

👉 It feels like a slog

👉 Every aspect of what you do is starting to feel like hard work

👉 You resent the effort you put in v what you get out

👉The fire in your belly feels like barely a spark

How You Might Have Lost The Love For Your Business

This can happen in a few ways;

You’ve Created A Beast ~ you never truly loved it and you’ve grown an even bigger version of what you didn’t love and therefore you have a big beastie version of it now.

You Did Love It BUT It Feels So Hard Now ~ businesses take time to grow and develop and it’s so important that you are able to work through the early stages in order to steer your business into success.  There’s nothing more demoralising than putting your heart and soul into something and it feels like it’s robbing you of your time, effort, energy and attention and not giving you anything back.

You Love It But It’s Making No Money ~ it’s hard to continue with something if it’s not sustainable.  If every day you feel like you are in chasing mode and you need your business to start to prove it’s worth.

There’s Something Not Quite Right ~ you can’t quite put your finger on it but there feels like there’s something that’s not quite hitting the high notes and you feel cautious and investing your love fully in the business because it just feels a little bit misaligned.

Let’s Look At Them

The first thing I wanna say here is that knowledge is power.  When you are able to make the admission to yourself that there’s something not quite right then you are able to grow and move forwards from that place.

I remember being at one of my VIP In Person Accelerator Days and this was the first question I asked the participants.  Lots of them nodded enthusiastically, a few of them shrugged and one gorgeous Rockstar made the admission “No, not right now I don’t.”  It was a super brave admission to make in front of her peers but at that point she was worn out, worn down and pretty perplexed with where her business had taken her.  The admission was the beginning of her growing a business that she truly adores ~ if you need to, allow yourself to make that admission today.

I’m a huge advocate of writing things down.  The thing was writing things out is that the emotional charge is immediately discharged from the situation as you can see what’s coming up in black & white.  It’s easier to see with clarity.  Here’s the questions I’d ask you to consider;

✔️ Why do you do what you do ~ I mean  REALLY.  Not about freedom or for my family and the results that you can achieve from running your business but WHY THIS THING ~ get specific.  What drew you to building this business?  Why do you care?  What’s it about?

✔️ Which elements of your business do you particularly enjoy?  Write a list of the bits of your business that bring you joy

✔️Create a Credo >>click here to find out how to<<

✔️ Which tasks feel REALLY stuck right now and how can you either outsource them or create them into a shit sandwich.  If there’s a shitty job that needs to be done then make sure something wonderful is done before & after it.  I’m not adverse to bribing myself like a toddler to get the jobs done that I find a little less in my zone of joy

✔️Where do you need tighter boundaries.  I think we often look at the whole boundaries things as an external thing.  We need to have boundaries with the world BUT sometimes what’s equally important is our boundaries and expectations we have of ourselves.

✔️How can you bring the focus internally rather than externally.  It’s really common to look outside for all of the answers and then end up beating ourselves up because we aren’t doing the things that other people are doing out there in the big world, we compare ourselves and then we beat ourselves up.

✔️ What do you need to focus on to move forwards?  Write it down and brainstorm around it.

✔️ Wherever you are ~ whether you already feel like you’ve grown a beast or chances are you will if you keep pushing right now (i.e. you ain’t loving what’s going on) then you gotta STOP.  Stop and look at the options and the ways forward.  Stop and work out where you can make small changes that will make a profound difference.

✔️If the love is waning due to the businesses finances then you might want to look to Revive Your Money Moxie >>click here for more information<<

✔️ What would make you feel A-MAZING about running your business right now?  Write down what comes up.  What can you implement immediately?

✔️ Don’t feel you have to do it all by yourself.  Get some support around you so that you don’t get caught up in that feeling of overwhelm & procrastination.

✔️ Realign with your passion points, passion & excitment is contagious ~ how can you bring it back into your business.

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